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Balerics or Canaries in April with 18month old

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SamP2014 Sun 10-Jan-16 20:04:39

We're planning on doing our first family holiday abroad this spring and our son will be 18months old. We're thinking short haul is best but not sure where to go.
Before DC our normal holidays are active (hiking, camping, kayaking, exploring local culture)- we are not resort or beach types.
Also I am not good in heat and burn really easily so somewhere that temps stay below 25 would be good. But in saying that we don't want to be stuck inside due to rain either!
Any suggestions welcome!

littlevic Sun 10-Jan-16 22:04:35

April can be a bit hit and miss in the Balearics weather wise - we used to live in Mallorca and you couldn't really guarantee warm consistent weather until May, then again every year is different, and it would probably be better than the UK!?! It's a beautiful island and if the weather is ok in April, there's a lot more on offer than just beach stuff...(the sea would be too cold for swimming) it's very mountainous with beautiful villages and Palma is a stunning little City smile Not been to the Canaries so can't help there I'm afraid but sure lots of people can! X

Twowrongsdontmakearight Sun 10-Jan-16 22:33:32

If like me you're not good in heat why would you want to go abroad? I'd stick to the UK - Norfolk coast or Cornwall / Devon and go self catering. We took DS at 2/3 to Skiathos and Tunisia because I'd won 'package' holidays at work. Nightmare! We spent most of the time in our air conditioned hotel room and warm milk on room service at night cost a fortune! After that we stuck to the UK and had amazing holidays in Northumberland / Mull / North Wales. The sand is moist enough to make castles with and there are rock pools to explore.

If you've got the money there are some posh child friendly hotels eg Moonfleet Manor in Dorset that have pools etc.

Or what about Jersey? Warmer than the UK with beaches etc without being hot.

Mrsjamesbond911 Mon 11-Jan-16 08:36:46

Caserio del Mirador is the one you want, mainland spain, easy journey, specifically for the under 3s and wins awards all the time, mumnet top european hotel etc.. fantastic, the reviews are all true.

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