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Mark Warner Vs Neilson

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planestrainsautomobiles Sun 10-Jan-16 15:46:38

Really struggling to decide on a summer holiday and would appreciate views / thoughts on either Mark Warner or Neilson holidays in the Summer holidays. Or even better, if you've done both, how do they compare?

I'm looking at....
Mark Warner - Lakitiri Resort (Kos)
Neilson - Messini Beachclub (Greece)
Neilson - Andriake BeachClub (Dalaman, Turkey)
Neilson - Aeolian Village (Lesvos)

We have two boys, 6 & 8 and looking for a mix of childcare and also all being together.

MiniCooperLover Sun 10-Jan-16 16:19:57

I can't say about the actual holiday providers but I know I'd be avoiding Kos and some parts of Turkey at the moment. A lot of refugee boats are leaving Turkey and coming into Kos.

stoopstofolly Sun 10-Jan-16 16:29:41

We've done MW Lakiteria for 4 years now blush, including last year when the migrants were still arriving in force. The resort is very self contained with its own beach and we weren't impacted at all. The reason we keep joint back is 1) best sailing and lots of boats and 2) their kids clubs have the edge (IMO) on Nielson. Our two are very sporty and sociable and we love the evening babysitting which I don't think Nielson offer. The children are always given the choice in the evening between eating with us or eating earlier and going to club to watch a film with friends- they do a combination of the two which gives us some nice family dinners, plus some nice couple only dinners.
It's also only a very short commute from the airport.
On the negative side the resort is only adequate- a bit tired in parts and the buffet dinners, whilst lavish can get a bit ground hog day. There's not a lot of evening entertainment ( but we like sitting by the sea drinking wine so we're fine!)
We're doing MW again this year, but trying the swankier Rhodes one....

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