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Nice to Murcia. How best to get there?

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rbj949703 Sun 17-Dec-06 23:50:41

We're planning next summers holiday,

4 weeks (together),

We've decided that we are def doing 2 weeks in the Nice area, and, 2 weeks elsewhere, possibly La Manga (one of dh's mates has an apartment there).

What's the best way of getting from one to the other, we don't really mind which way round.

MrsSpoon Mon 18-Dec-06 00:35:49

Might be worth messing about with this site and see if you can find a route that works.

Is your DH's mate's apartment on the strip?

rbj949703 Mon 18-Dec-06 13:49:47

Thanks, will look there.

Not sure where apartment is, but building work still going on I think

MrsSpoon Mon 18-Dec-06 14:37:00

Hope you manage to get flights organised. Probably is the strip, loads of building work going on there just now.

Have fun!

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