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Iceland - any recommendations for a package holiday?

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mousey100 Mon 04-Jan-16 19:49:49

I want to take my husband to Iceland for his 40th birthday THIS year! Ideally, we'd go in February for 3/4 nights and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of Icelandair package holidays or other recommendations? I could book flights, rent a car and hotels and then tours, but frankly I haven't got time! (Unless anyone has any blinding suggestions!)
All tips gratefully received.

Luc28 Mon 04-Jan-16 22:17:33

We went to Iceland for our honeymoon last January and it was fabulous. I looked at booking a package but managed to book myself much cheaper.
Flights are easy
Hotel - we stayed at Radisson1919 as its central but lots of other nice ones just check top advisor ratings!
When you land ... No need for car it taxi just get a return bus ticket from Gray way ... It's not really a 'bus' they are luxury coaches. If your staying in the centre then just go to the main bus station and walk it's much cheaper otherwise they do hotel drop offs. Their office is t the bus station and you can book all your excursions there. We did whale watching ... Great experience but Not my most favourite tbh
Norton lights coach ... Lots of waiting round but it's pot luck if the lights come out but when they do its magical!!
Golden circle by monster truck and snow mobile ..... Amazing!!!!! Full day and was truly amazing .... V cold (-12) so pack thermals!
Blue lagoon ..... Ahhhh .... Just lovely!! Just get the return coach ticket and pre book a ticket direct on the blue lagoon website, book lowest priced one and take your own towel .... We fell for the sales cons and booked higher only to find it was the same apart from being able to borrow a towel and robe! Floating massages are a nice extra if you wanted to book.
If your staying in Reykjavik you must try the famous hot dog stand ... No idea why it's famous but everyone goes mad for it. Drinks are expensive as are in most cities but lots of hotels and bars do happy hours. You must try Grill Market restaurant (grill macadurin) Need to book but fantastic restaurant ... Tasting menu is great to try!
If your looking for something more rural than Reykjavik try hotel ranga ... Secluded but fabulous! For your first time I'd stay in Reykjavik as everything's so convenient. It really is a fabulous place and we had such a memorable time ... We will definitely be going back!!

Luc28 Mon 04-Jan-16 22:18:13

Coach firm may be *Gray Line not Way x

HarlettOScara Mon 04-Jan-16 22:36:29

We did much the same as Luc28

Easy jet flights.

Gray Line bus into can buy tickets from a kiosk by the airport exit.

We stayed in Centerhotel Thingholt which was nice and very central but the 'glass box' bathrooms may not be for everyone.

We did blue lagoon and Northern Lights trips with Reykjavik Excursions who are probably the largest tour company in Iceland, well organised an reasonably priced.

We also did a day off roading in the mountains in a monster truck (super jeep) which was amazing. It was March and still deep in snow. Best experience ever. We booked with Amazing Iceland tours and our driver/guide Kristjan was superb. I would highly recommend him. He took us to ice caves, lava flows, hot springs, waterfalls and a micro brewery to round off the day.

For a dining experience, the restaurant at the top of the Perlan is nice. It sits on top of a hill overlooking Reykjavik so the views are amazing, especially if the Northen Lights put in an appearance.

Reykjavik is a compact little city and easy to get around on foot. It will be freezing though so pack appropriately.

I didn't want to go to Iceland as I HATE the cold, it was DH's choice for his birthday. However, I totally fell in love with it and can't wait to return. Next time we'll go in summer and drive around it.

jo164 Tue 05-Jan-16 00:43:07

We also went for our honeymoon some years ago now, but booked with Discover the World. They still seem to do lots of different options, including short breaks. The 4 night self drive Golden Circle tour would include all the major sights possible in a short trip.

nmg85 Tue 05-Jan-16 16:45:05

Cheapest way will be to book yourself. Quite often the Icelandair packages use their own hotels which are slightly out of the centre of Reykjavik. What do you want to go for or any specifics you want to see? Most people suggest staying in Reykjavik, but if you are intending to hire a car I would split between two different locations to get the most of your time. I worked for a Icelandic tour company for two years so happy to give advice, I am also in the process of planning my 6th trip.

Wendied Tue 05-Jan-16 16:48:31

Watching with interest as I'm planning a trip for DH birthday this October.

In two minds whether to take DS and DD who will be 3 and 10 months respectively.

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