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lanzarote in january

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merrylissiemas Sun 17-Dec-06 18:36:13

has anyone been to los zocos in costa teguise? dh and i are hoping to take ds there and have read mixed reviews, or even just lanzarote.

GhostOfMumsnet Sun 17-Dec-06 18:37:33

Costa teguise is fabulous. The resort is great. I've been twice. It can get quite windy but I love it sooo much.

Lucky you>

merrylissiemas Sun 17-Dec-06 18:40:30

really, when did you go?

GhostOfMumsnet Sun 17-Dec-06 18:42:11

Look here

Scroll down the page it'll you get to Los Zocos. I've used this site for a lot of my holidays, I quite like it.

GhostOfMumsnet Sun 17-Dec-06 18:42:47

We were in Costa Teguise 2 years ago. My mum and dad have been 3/4 times. They like it too.

merrylissiemas Sun 17-Dec-06 18:43:18

thank you ghost

GhostOfMumsnet Sun 17-Dec-06 18:44:43

No probs. Let me know how you get on.

I'm off now the see the MIGHTY QUO in Glasgow!!!!

Woooooo WOOO WOoooooooooooo

MistleToo Sun 17-Dec-06 18:44:52

Have been to CT about 6 times (quite a few years ago now though) but not Los Zocos.

CT was a fave resort for a while but now prefer Playa Blanca. You can visit if you get a car (cheap on Lanzarote) as the island is small.

merrylissiemas Sun 17-Dec-06 18:49:49

hmm, ds is 19m old do you think he'd enjoy it?

GhostOfMumsnet Mon 18-Dec-06 07:43:53

Yes, I'm sure he will. That was about the same age as my dd2 when we went. Dd1 was coning on for 4. THey both had a ball. Having said that a holiday is what you make it, isn't it.

merrylissiemas Mon 18-Dec-06 16:30:43

yeah, it sounds bad but where we're staying have a club for 1-3 year olds so looking forward to maybe having an afternoon alone thanks for your help all, any more opinions gratefully received

knakered Tue 19-Dec-06 01:45:35

have been to CT 3 times now really works with children...we stay at th OasisLanz apts as they have aheated pool ...rare in LZ...make sure you have a wander around the Melia hotel vv beautiful and a drink by their pool

KTreePee Tue 19-Dec-06 07:43:33

Unless it's changed since I was there, the main thing I didn't like about costa teguise was that there were no toilets by the beaches, you had to trek up to one of the cafes. Of course if you are planning to spend all your time by the pool this won't bother you - but would agree with knackered that pools are often not heated and so are pretty cool in winter.

I also prefered Playa Blanca and would probably go there again if I was going to Lanzarote...

lapsedrunner Wed 27-Dec-06 19:45:57, hate to say this as my experience was pre DS, but I have been to Lanza"grote" twice and I would not go back. All down to personal taste I know .

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