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..............................Anyone flown with RYANAIR recently?

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Skribble Fri 15-Dec-06 23:28:50

Sorry absolutly no reason for we to be WE

Skribble Fri 15-Dec-06 23:28:12

WE had 2 adults and two kids so got 2 med sized cases and 2 small ones. Got a strap to link 2 cases together. DS 8yrs managed his own case and a back back so we strapped the other 3 together. DD 5yrs at the time had her own back pack with stuff for the journey.

Depending on your travel arrangments it might not be that bad as once the cases are checked in you only have the hand luggage to deal with. We got a trolley when we got dropped off and put all the cases on it, at the other end got a trolley again at the bag collection and got it all on it again. Straight outside and into a taxi.

SherlockLGJ Fri 15-Dec-06 23:03:19

It is cheap for a reason.

Reece Fri 15-Dec-06 23:01:04

You'll be fine.
I travel between Dublin and the UK with Ryan Air with my 2 DS's. They are now 3 yrs and 21mths. Just keep your hand luggage as light as you can for your own sake. Once your cases are checked in you will be fine and you can keep your buggy up to the steps of the plane. Your 8 yr old will be able to help you as well.
Ryan Air are really strict on the baggage weight. NO POOLING allowed. It is so annoying but thats their rules.

chocolaterobin Fri 15-Dec-06 22:41:49

Thats dreadful! So i have to take 2 cases a baby an 8yr old a pushchair a hand luggage bag with all kids stuff and struggle! And pay for the privalage!

RoskvaTheRedNosedReindeer Fri 15-Dec-06 22:20:50

No, you will need 2 cases, or they will charge you excess baggage if your 1 bag is more than 15kg, even if 2f you are travelling.

bctmum Fri 15-Dec-06 22:20:43

You can't add the allowances together in one big case - keep to the amount per person iyswim.

Also take your own sick bags - none on the plane!

chocolaterobin Fri 15-Dec-06 22:09:12

Am going with them tomorrow and know that my luggage allowance is 15kilos per person but what i want to know is can i pool mine and dds luggage in one case? Anyone had experience with this?

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