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Anyone know of a Babington House type place somewhere warm!?

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boo64 Fri 15-Dec-06 21:15:25

(sorry also posted this in general tips and advice but realised that's a pretty slow moving board!)
We love Babington House and similar boutique hotel type places that are also family friendly but can anyone think of any that will be warm in April?

They must have tennis and some sort of babysitting and be the kind of place you can relax. Don't really mind going long haul but with ds in tow would prefer Europe. Needn't be searingly hot. A villa would be ok but must be near to a tennis club and with babysitting.

Any suggestions that don't involve compromising on luxury (sorry to sound spoilt! When it comes to hotels I am and there ain't nothing that's going to change it!)?

lionheart Sun 17-Dec-06 12:34:29

I think the luxury family hotels chain has just opened a hotel in Madeira.

wickedwinterwitch Sun 17-Dec-06 15:25:55

I haven't stayed here but there are brochures about it all over One Aldwych (where I have stayed, it was fab) and it looks amazing, Carlilse Bay Antigue

wickedwinterwitch Sun 17-Dec-06 15:26:24

Oh just looked, it's a sister hotel to One Aldwych (whatever that means!)

boo64 Sun 17-Dec-06 18:42:24

Hi and thanks for the tips so far.

I've actually stayed at Carlisle Bay pre No 1 aldwych refurb. It wasn't as swanky then but still nice and the location is simply stunning. I'd love to go BUT I can't face 8 hrs on the plane in the day on the way out with ds! Also like the sound of Round Hill, Jamaica but flight even longer.

I've looked at the Madeira place too - but not sure about it. Shame as it is one of the few short/ mid haul places where it would be warm.

We need more places like this to choose from though as I think there's quite a big market in lux family hotels now!

FYI - there are a few places in Europe that would fit the bill in terms of luxury (e.g. Elouanda Peninsula Suites or Sani Asterias)but weather could be dodgy in April. I just can't win!

moondog Sun 17-Dec-06 18:46:26

Morocco will be hotting up then.
Hotel Mamounia? (Marrakech)
Churchill's fave.
Apparently has had major refit.

Didn't stay there but Morocco is fantastic.

boo64 Sun 17-Dec-06 18:56:53

Interesting idea. Is it sprog friendly? I went in pre refit but stayed elsewhere. Lovely grounds.

I bet the Aman hotel there is not child friendly - shame!

moondog Sun 17-Dec-06 18:59:02

I take my children everywhere anywhere so just take it for granted that places will be so.

You could do Dubai,but a bit soulless.

Sri Lanka is fabLighthouse in Galle and a new one in Dutch fort that has just been done-can't remember the name) ,as is Malaysia.

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