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Bruges, Paris or Lille?

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bluejelly Fri 08-Dec-06 15:44:24

I want to go away for a weekend in January, just me and dd, on the eurostar
She's 7, likes cafes and museums but also more child-centred activities
Any advice?

Whizzz Fri 08-Dec-06 15:46:12

Bruges wasn't that exciting when I went (although that was some years ago). I'd opt for Paris !

bluejelly Fri 08-Dec-06 15:52:06

Quite fancy paris too
Went to lille once, it was okay but not mindblowing

fridascruffs Fri 08-Dec-06 15:54:03

Bruges is very beautiful, canals and tall Dutch-style houses, and certianly lots of cafes, never been to Lille and Paris is pretty reliable for having whatever floats your boat. What does she ike? There's art at the Pompadour and there's a doll museum she might like very near the Pompadour. Bruges might be more of a manageable size though.

bluejelly Fri 08-Dec-06 15:56:22

I did quite like the manageable size aspect of bruges too
I live in London so nice not to be in a big city for once!

WhenSantaWentQuietlyMad Fri 08-Dec-06 16:29:55

If I was going for a romantic cultural weekend, I would probably go to Paris, but if me and dd were going away alone I would choose Bruges.

The reason would be that Bruges has got a really safe, homely feel and you can get round it easily. The shopping is quite good, and there are loads of chocolatey cafes for special moments together.

Paris with a child would overwhelm me and make me feel at risk of crime or something, even though I live in London too(!)

bluejelly Mon 11-Dec-06 10:37:53

Just seen this, thanks
Bruges does sound like the best bet

bluejelly Mon 11-Dec-06 10:38:25

Just seen this, thanks
Bruges does sound like the best bet

WhenSantaWentQuietlyMad Mon 11-Dec-06 10:38:59

I love Bruges and I am sooooo jealous now. smallest dd doesn't have a passport yet, but am thinking of taking the two dds when dh is away in Feb.

Let me know how you got on.

bluejelly Mon 11-Dec-06 10:49:09

Thanks will do

greenday Mon 11-Dec-06 11:04:40

Bruges is so lvoely and quaint, but I don't recall many children activities. Just lots of walking on pebbled streets and spotting of horses and carraiges, and oh yes, lots of chocolate shops ... I'm so jealous now! Lucky you!

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