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Looking for a European holiday in June

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Neil1103 Mon 02-Nov-15 16:16:55

Hi There,

We are looking for a holiday in Europe with our 2 year old son in late June. Ideally a 5 star hotel with lots going on for him to see and do - if there is a kids clubs then great but we would like to go along with him rather than leave him there. Ideally it will be on the beach, near a town, not full of the lager brigade and not Turkey / Greece.

Any ideas would be great


Hersetta427 Tue 03-Nov-15 14:14:46

A problem would be that most kids clubs start at a minimum of 3yrs old. Younger than that and you would need a crèche which is usually a payable extra. You may also find that parents are not allowed to stay for sessions (barring a few minutes to settle them in) as the ones we have used the staff are all strictly qualified and CRB checked and they do not let adults stay with the children (for protection issues).

specialsubject Tue 03-Nov-15 17:07:43

with the exception of the dozen or so kiddy-drunk resorts in Europe, the lager brigade are rarer than you think.

as your kid won't really care, (he's only two so just needs space to toddle, sand to dig and you) what do YOU like to do that would also fit in with his needs?

June is a beautiful time - long daylight hours, flowers out, locals not yet exhausted. make the most of it!

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