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Cheap shorthaul for family of 5?!

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tryhard Thu 29-Oct-15 14:33:43

Normally get a gite in rural France so we can drive but fancy a change next year. Summer holiday flight prices for 5 normally mean we need to get a ferry then drive (hence France), any suggestions?

Onykahonie Thu 29-Oct-15 18:02:18

What do you call cheap?
I've found various Spanish flights for around £150-£200 pp return in the school hols. I can also find apartments for 5 for around £300-500 per week.

NorbertDentressangle Thu 29-Oct-15 18:17:44

As good a place as any to start is to look at Skyscanner and see where you can fly to from a nearby airport, then have a look at flight prices to identify the cheaper routes. If you view flights for a particular route for a month you sometimes find a random one that is loads cheaper for no apparent reason so can plan around that

Alongside this look on websites like Home and Away or Holiday Lettings websites for accommodation in the areas the cheaper flights go to. Again, you'll soon find that some destinations are way more expensive than others.

It's time consuming but can be worth it!

Onykahonie Thu 29-Oct-15 18:42:00

That's what I should have said Norbert. I forgot that not everyone plans their holidays like that!

I also get a rough idea of prices on, but then shop around to see if it's cheaper to book direct. Owners Direct is another good site for accommodation.
Don't be afraid to book flights with different airlines either. We're flying out with Ryanair and back with Monarch, saving about £30 pp.

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