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Where to stay on the Côte d'Azur

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Househunter Sun 25-Oct-15 08:09:24

We are going to the Côte d'Azur next august. We will probably have a couple of nights in Nice, a week in an apartment in Cannes and then stay in a hotel somewhere else for 5 nights. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good place to stay with 2 kids (age 8 and 6)? Any specific hotel recommendations would be great too (Preferably somewhere that does family rooms and has a pool). And if anyone knows of any nice hotels in Nice that would be fab too. Thanks in advance smile

DreamingOfADifferentMe Mon 02-Nov-15 16:01:20

I don't know of any hotels there, but we stayed in that part of France last year and it was beyond glorious. So much so, we're planning to return asap. One option is to steer clear of hotels and try something like EuroCamp. We stayed just outside Frejus, and it was fabulous. Our site was a big one, with pools galore, so could be worth considering?

Sorry I couldn't help more than that.

Househunter Mon 02-Nov-15 18:00:18

Thanks for your reply. I had looked into eurocamp as a lot of people have recommended it. I wasn't sure if I could face the whole camping thing though so have ended up booking a hotel with a pool in Menton. It has a pool so hopefully that will keep kids happy smile

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