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Pay for seat for 20month old DS for 1 hour flight? Or not?

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Eyre89 Sat 24-Oct-15 09:48:49

Would you recommend paying for a separate seat for 20 month old when flight is 40-60 minutes depending on the weather? We have flown before and he is quite big so its not the most comfortable but it will be an extra £50 and I would have to carry the car seat off the plane whilst carrying him and a carry on bag. And it is bloody awkward flying alone and trying to pick up luggage and push a trolley without balancing a carseat on as well as the case and stroller. I'm tempted just to leave him sat on my knee and pay for a window seat and take the kindle and hopefully he will be distracted enough. Will I regret it or because it is so short it should be ok? Need to book and cant decide. He doesn't like his car seat as well (only in it short trips to grand parents, rarely in the car) and I'm not sure he would want to sit in it. Is there a cheaper CARES strap that anyone knows about and could recommend or does it have to be CARES original? I can only find £80 ones. And would he have to stay strapped into the seat at all time with it? As he really doesn't like to be restrained he doesn't even like his stroller now. Thank you

yeOldeTrout Sat 24-Oct-15 09:52:00

No way I would pay. He'll be in your lap as much as possible anyway, may as well be strapped there when required.

Sirzy Sat 24-Oct-15 09:53:21

For a long flight I would pay, for an hour sounds like it's more hassle - and expense - than it's worth!

GreenSand Sat 24-Oct-15 09:53:50

I wouldn't for that length of flight. He will need to be on your knee for take off and landing anyway, so your down to 30-40 mins.

We did for 14 hr flught, and still spent quite a lot of it with a child sat on me.

Eyre89 Sat 24-Oct-15 09:58:45

thank you for your replies, I couldn't decide if I would be stupid to not book the separate seat as it always seems to be recommend.

Will leave it and hopefully it will go smoothly. Thanks

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