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Andalucia in July

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Mickeysgloves Sun 18-Oct-15 16:26:45


A friend of mine is getting married near Malaga (Gaucin) next July - school holiday time.

I will have hopefully, everything crossed (have had MCs), a 3 month old and and 4 year old to look after (with my DH).

Flights are bloody expensive that time of year, though easyjet flights don't seem to be out yet. I have a holiday budget of about £2.0k, that we were going to use a month earlier when it's a bit cooler and cheaper, but we are considering using that budget to take a holiday in the Malaga area now so we can go to my friend's wedding.

The thing is, we normally just book a family package with Thomson's, with kids entertainment for what will be 4 year old, so have no experience of booking any other kind of holiday for a family. I think we would want a hotel, good for a young family, somewhere relatively quiet.

Am not sure whether to book a package that will end just before wedding and then book somewhere a couple of nights near Gaucin or have the package straddling the wedding and just hire a car and drive up to the wedding events the day before and on the day of the wedding....

Any suggestions oh wise mumsnetters? Either for resort or hotel? Or logistic suggestions!


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