Shorthaul hol with 10mth old - any suggestions for baby-friendly accommodation?

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heatherb82 Fri 25-Sep-15 16:07:16

My DH & I were talking the other night about going on holiday next year, ideally in September (when the schools will be back and our as-yet-unborn DS will be 10 months old, all being well). We’d like to go somewhere like Spain (inc. the Balearics), Portugal or Italy, but we’re not sure where to look in terms of accommodation......if you’ve been on holiday with a young baby, have you found that self-catering is easiest, or hotels? Any recommendations for places to stay will be very welcome!

Siennasun Sat 26-Sep-15 12:05:02

At that age I'd do half board or AI with buffet meals - so 10 month old can try lots of different foods and you don't have to clean up . Ideally stay in an apartment with a kitchen and washing machine or if you've got the budget some hotels will do laundry and take bottles and sterilise them for you. It's best to have a separate bedroom or at least a terrace where you can go and drink chat after baby is put to bed.
Try and find somewhere that has a heated baby pool too.
We went to Fuerteventura when DS was about that age, we stayed at the Gran Atlantis Bahia Real (don't know how to link, sorry) it was very baby friendly - had baby baths, bottle warmers, etc.

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