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Dunreill - is it very noisy and lively?

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busyteachermummy Tue 15-Sep-15 12:43:18

Am looking advice about the Dunreill site in Holland. We're thinking of booking for the last week in August 2016. We have done a few Canvas holidays in the past and loved them but usually at smaller sites.
We are looking at this site because we live in Durham and really don't fancy a long drive again with 2 small children ( we did that this summer) .
So my question is:
Is the site noisy and lively especially at night?
Has anyone stayed with Canvas on this site - are their caravans in a quiet spot?

Miloarmadillo1 Tue 15-Sep-15 12:51:41

We've been, can't remember if we went with Canvas holidays or Eurocamp. The theme park rides etc are closed at night, though if you are staying on site you can use the playground, trampolines, mini golf etc in the evenings. It was no noisier than any other site we've been to. We had crap weather but still enjoyed it. good to be able to cycle to the beach, day trips to Amsterdam, Leiden and Madurodam all recommended. Our kids are desperate to go back. The only big negative is having to pay for the swimming, and as this is in the theme park there are day-trippers also using it and it gets v busy.

busyteachermummy Tue 15-Sep-15 12:56:41

Thank you, think our kids will love it.

MeganChips Tue 15-Sep-15 13:04:09

We went in the summer and found it fine. It's a lively site but not particularly noisy. We stayed in a caravan so the noise levels were quiter than they would be in a tent.

We stayed with Eurocamp in a reasonably quiet spot, there were some canvas caravans near us but I think they may be spread out.

It's a great site, lots do do both on and off camp. I don't return to the same place very often but I would consider doing so for Duinrell. The kids want to go back next year.

rosy71 Tue 22-Sep-15 21:25:28

We have been twice. It's great, not particularly noisy at all. Absolutely loads for kids to do both on the park & in the local area. 5/10 minute drive to the beach, close to Leiden & The Hague & not too far to Amsterdam either. We booked direct & stayed in one of their duingalows which had the advantage of free swimming. Would definitely recommend it.

mandy214 Wed 07-Oct-15 12:22:02

I think the dutch holidays are over by the end of August so I don't think it will be too busy - except that when we were there (May half term - which did not coincide with dutch holidays) there were quite a few school trips so the more "grown up" rides had queues, but not massively so, and they'd all disappeared by early evening.

It did get noticeably busier at the weekend (lots of people seem to come for a weekend camping) so I'd plan to do your day trips at weekend perhaps and make use of the park mid week.

The Duingalows were definitely in a quieter area of the park that the caravans.

Having said that, we loved it. We were there with Eurocamp (I think) and we stayed on Eiland. The mobile homes were quite close together but didn't get too much noise as several of them were unoccupied. If we went again, I would try to book a van on the other side of the campsite. If you look on the map of Duinrell, there is a little road between the reception and the Duinrell plaza with mobile homes to the left and right of that road. Although it would be closer to the road, those pitches (to the left of the road) were still quite spaced out but got much more sunlight (Eiland had a lot of tree cover so it didn't really benefit from the great weather).

loveandsmiles Wed 07-Oct-15 12:26:54

Hi - we went last summer and stayed in a Duingalow. Did not notice any noise at all.

We all loved it and would definately recommend. Lots to do onsite and nearby too.

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