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Lapland - help starting to panic!

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arfur Tue 28-Nov-06 23:03:43

We are going to see FC for three days just before xmas and as I have never been anywhere really cold before I am really struggling to know what and how much we will need to take. All in one snowsuits and boots are provided for us. I have got one set of thermals for each of us as I presumed that because we will be wearing our regular undies underneath one set will be enough for 3 days - am I just kidding myself? Have got inner and outer gloves for me and DH but need kids inner gloves which I am struggling to find and also thermal socks for dd and ds. Can anyone help me please as it costs so much I dont want the trip to be ruined by us being cold or not having the right stuff. TIA

mummy115 Wed 29-Nov-06 17:57:09

im sure i read somewhere that they provide the thermal gear too.can you not check with the company organising it?if you do need stuff tchibo is good for that at mo and good prices.

Lucycat Wed 29-Nov-06 18:12:50

Aldi are selling ski/thermal wear from Thursday,not sure what they'll ahve but it might be worth a visit.

Skribble Sat 02-Dec-06 22:02:43

I find I get sweaty pits in my thermal top, but kids should be OK if they have knickers underneath. Sorry to be so graphic .

RTKangaSANTAMummy Sat 02-Dec-06 23:32:56

Use loads of layers

It will trap the warm air

and you can add or remove as your temp changes

Have a deffo brill time

arfur Sun 03-Dec-06 12:03:00

Thanks all - skribble - I am usually quite a hot and sweaty person (sorry if tmi) so that was one thing I was worried about - think I might buy another top each for me and dh. Have found thermal inner gloves for kids now from Muddy Puddles but am struggling for thermal socks for dks will try M&S next week. Also should we take more than one set of gloves each as have read on skiing thread that they get wet quickly and you need spares? So looking forward to it and DH is bursting to tell the kids but have forbidden it until next weekend when xmas plays etc are all out of the way!

Skribble Sun 03-Dec-06 20:30:30

have a great time.

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