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Advice for travelling Ryanair and a baby

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Cadburyhome Fri 04-Sep-15 13:50:11


I'm about to embark on my first holiday abroad with my 10 month old son. We are flying Ryanair. I'm after any advice for travelling on a plane with a baby and specifically with ryanair.

We have paid to have allocated seats so we're all together (DH and I), we are planning on checking in car seat at baggage drop and buggy as part of the 2 free baby items allowed.

I've read you are allowed a 5kg baby bag to take on the plane, are there any restrictions on the dimensions of this bag?

Can someone explain the best way to organise baby milk on board and to get through security? The flight is at lunchtime so he'd usually have 180mls of formula milk post lunch. Do i need to make this up in 2 separate bottles of 100mls each in order to meet security requirements?

Thanks x

cuntycowfacemonkey Fri 04-Sep-15 13:57:23

No you can carry as much as you need, you just need to show it when you go through security. As for the baby bag as long as it doesn't exceed the usual cabin bag size I would say that it would be fine.

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