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Normally go to holiday village Tenerife

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christmashope Sat 29-Aug-15 19:56:13

Hi guys I'm looking for some recommendations
We have been to the holiday village in Tenerife for 3 years running and have loved it however my
Kids are now coming up for 10&11 and I just feel like they are getting a bit old for it now and it's no longer exciting
Does anyone have any recommendations in Canary Islands, quite like hotels that have a lot going on.
Love water slides too but not sure about the splash resorts
Many thanks in advance

christmashope Tue 01-Sep-15 18:57:26

Bump ...

pud1 Wed 02-Sep-15 14:47:36

i am looking for something similar so thought i would give it a cheeky bump

NickNacks Wed 02-Sep-15 14:50:14

I'm also looking!

christmashope Wed 02-Sep-15 20:11:41

Ha ha hope someone gives us some ideas ����

VivaVegas Thu 08-Oct-15 06:40:46

Did you find anything?
Can I be cheeky and ask what you liked about holiday village Tenerife, my DC want water slides next year so looking for options!

wannabestressfree Thu 08-Oct-15 06:49:23

Hotel sur menorca was recommended to me....slides etc with an older theme

VivaVegas Thu 08-Oct-15 11:53:26

'wanna' Did you end up going there?

christmashope Fri 09-Oct-15 06:49:33

Well if your looking for water slides at the hotel then this is probably not the hotel for you as it only has one!! Siam park is only about 30 minute drive in the car though and it's fantastic.

We liked feeling like the kids were safe in and around the complex of the hotel
We liked there being entertainment/games/something happening for the kids around the pool every day
We liked the large suites, some had 2 bathrooms
We liked the food buffet is buffet but I would say that it was a really good buffet!
Not sure what else I'm back next week so will update thread then! X

VivaVegas Sat 10-Oct-15 07:53:04

Thanks Christmas

christmashope Sun 02-Apr-17 06:58:28

So we have booked to go back this october
My boys didn't want us to book any other hotel as they loved the football pitch and everything about the hotel (their words)
Can't wait this will be our forth time here

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