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Recs for Puerto Polłensa please - restaurants, things to do

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FelicityFeline Thu 27-Aug-15 12:09:54

Hi there,

We are off to Puerto Pollensa soon and have never been before. Have two toddlers, so looking for some nice child friendly restaurants and day trips please? I am also on a healthy diet at the moment, eating loads of veg and fish, so any suggestions for places where I can get healthyish dinners would be great! Thank you

MackerelOfFact Thu 27-Aug-15 12:17:23

The Stay restaurant used to be very good when I went (haven't been for about 10 years now though). There also used to be a 'snack bar' place on the beach that actually served really good pizza, paella, calamari, grilled fish, etc.

I used to go every year for many years but haven't been for a while now so this might be out-of-date!

FelicityFeline Thu 27-Aug-15 12:51:01

Thanks Mackerel. Not sure what happened my title, weird!

AliceMum09 Thu 27-Aug-15 18:05:51

All the restaurants are child-friendly, if you go along the Pine Walk (the pedestrianised walkway along the back of the smaller beach) there is a pizza place called Little Italy, that's really nice although the Trip Advisor reviews suggest that the service is not that good (we never had a problem though). We went there for lunch on our last day a couple of months ago and the kids sat crying into their pizza because they didn't want to go home!

There is a place called Can Pescador at the start of the Pine Walk where we had lunch a couple of times (we were staying at the Puerto Azul hotel half board so we didn't eat out in the evenings). That was nice. And the restaurant of the Hotel Daina (out the front of the hotel by the beach, on the pedestrianised bit) is good for lunch too. We tended to avoid anywhere with a 'kids' menu of chicken nuggets etc (although Puerto Pollensa is not over-run with places like that), everywhere is happy for you to order 'real food' and let little ones share from your plate.

Going the other way along the front, along the road that goes to Alcudia, there is a place called Tolos. We've been going there since I first went to Puerto Pollensa as a 16 year old in 1993 with my mum and dad, they always recognise my parents even now! It's just by a bridge over a little river that comes out into the sea and you can always see fish in there to keep the kids amused.

One note about high chairs - they tend to be wooden 'high up' chairs without a harness, and some of them don't have a bar between the baby's legs. We found that we needed a set of reins with the short D-ring straps with us all the time so that we could stop our fidgety toddler from falling out of the chair. Some places do have plastic ones (usually the IKEA Antilop) though. Just a though if you have toddlers that don't like to sit still!

Most places will have fish and veg, the only problem is how much oil has been used in cooking them. It's easy to get nice fresh food.

If you're not on a package holiday you can look at the No Frills excursion company who have an office along the Alcudia road - it's not far along, and I think the sign might be orange, just keep your eyes out for it inbetween the shops. You can also do boat trips, there is a glass bottomed boat but I think it's maybe 4 hours or something. If that's going to be too long for your toddlers you could just get the regular ferry service to Formentor beach one day, it's still a trip on a boat and the beach is nice. There are offices on the front near the taxi rank/bus stops that have details of ferrys/boat trips.

Have a great time, I am very jealous!

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