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Relaxing Ideas for mum & new baby holiday

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MayfairMummy Sun 09-Aug-15 21:00:46

3 DCs ... 6y, 3y & 2 months. Hubby has been away quite a bit lately (for fun) and the only potential holiday time we have for 'me' is 14th to 21st August. We could all go away, but I'd like it to be somewhere where I actually get a break, not just childcare in a different location. Alternatively, I could go away with just the 2 month old (exclusively BF)... but i'm not a lay on the beach type girl. Otherwise i could just try and go to a spa for a day or two!

Any suggestions? I've been to many of the short haul cities, but less of eastern europe, and none of africa. If it were only me (or only adults), i'd probably do something like going to Petra, or maybe an Intrepid Travel trip through morocco / northern africa....

It's very short notice, but i thought someone might have some inspiration for me smile

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