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Monaco Grand Prix, staying in Nice, apartment or package with hotel?

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drspouse Mon 27-Jul-15 12:19:56

I promised DH a trip to see this next year for a big birthday, the tickets have just come out.

We have been to Nice twice before, once pre-DC and once with a baby DS so we are familiar with the area and have ideas of DC-friendly things to do. I'm happy to potter around with buggy and walking preschooler while DH heads off on the bus (for €1) to Monaco with a not particularly expensive ticket for the day (DS would find it too noisy we think).

We had a good time staying in an apartment before but DH is wondering if it might be better to book a package. Has anyone done this with DCs or would you recommend booking them separately?

The low cost flights haven't come up yet but we live in the NW so it would be Jet2 I think from Manchester or Easyjet from Liverpool. We might be able to book a city break separately now, but I can't seem to find any sites that do flight + apartment, only flight + hotel.

Just searching for an apartment I can find them for the whole long weekend for the price of one of us (both DCs will be over 2) on one of the packages but the flights aren't out yet which is the risk.

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