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Breakfast at Davy Crockett Ranch DLP

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penguinsaresmall Sun 19-Jul-15 11:59:34

We've booked to go for a week without a meal plan, thinking it will give us more flexibility. We had stupidly assumed breakfast was provided as some friends went a few years ago and and told us it was blush

But now having read the small print, it appears that they no longer provide breakfast, but that you can buy it onsite. But there's no mention of how much it costs. Has anybody been recently and done this? If so how much did it cost please, and was it worth it? I'm now trying to do a rough budget of how much spending money we need and I can't find this info anywhere online!

Any other tips on Davey Crockett very much appreciated - thanks!

mrsmilesmatheson Sun 19-Jul-15 19:30:53

We went to Davey Crockett about 6 years ago and it was possible to buy a breakfast package for which we got croissants juice hot chocolate and baguettes, enough for breakfast and lunch!

The cabins are ok but really just static caravans done up a bit. The pool was good but quite cold. The ranch was nice and quiet and a good break from the madness of the park, there were character visits when we went for free and much quieter and less crowded than the parks. Parking at the park was free too when you stayed and DC Ranch. Overall, I'd recommend it if you don't mind driving in France and want somewhere away from the bustle to relax a bit.

FieryWill Sun 26-Jul-15 11:17:07

Are you big breakfast eaters? Could you just have cereal in the lodge, get to parks early to avoid the crowds, and have something more substantial late morning?

Tbh when they used to do breakfast it was a bag full of bread and croissants that you picked up from the hut at the end of your section - we used to pick it up on the way to the park and eat it for lunch later.

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