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Driving in France - is it worth getting a toll tag?

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ThereMustAndShallBeTea Tue 14-Jul-15 22:44:51

We're driving down through France and back in a couple of weeks, more or less straight down the middle about halfway, then back up again. We're staying at three different campsites, so will be driving on <dum dum dum> Black Saturday. I imagine most of it will be on toll roads; looked on one website that says our tolls will be around 92 euros in total.

Is it worth getting a toll tag? I think yes for avoiding queues with three small DC in the car, but DH is rankling at the fact it will cost 20-ish euros extra (I think, if I've understood the website correctly).

JKSLtd Tue 14-Jul-15 22:50:02

We got one last year and I would say yes it's worth it. Not only just for the lack of stress finding the right euros each time but just knowing its dealt with.

And you just slow slightly there's a beep and off you go again.

I'd say get one smile

Ruthiebabes Wed 15-Jul-15 08:12:35

We drove Black Saturday a few yrs ago.. Queues were horrific at tolls.. We had a tag for the tolls thankfully.. Worth every penny .. and more!!!smile

MrsNuckyThompson Wed 15-Jul-15 08:13:37

Definitely! So much less stress!

ThePhoenixRising Wed 15-Jul-15 08:18:52

Definitely worth it.

RoadRunner123 Wed 15-Jul-15 08:22:09

Hmmm, I'm interested in these replies because we looked at doing this a few weeks ago and decided it wasn't worth it. We always print off directions from Via Michelin and that tells you how much the tolls will be so we have money ready, so no stress.

But for you, on Black Saturday, maybe it is worth it! We've travelled on that day a few times and it can be bad at the tolls (only the tolls in our experience).

iwantgin Wed 15-Jul-15 08:39:26

I got one three years ago - and it has definitely been worth it. We do visit France at least once a year - so is getting used.

Some companies charge more for the set up, and monthly charge. I got ours via APRR site- it's in French, but you can translate some of the pages.

I paid 10 Euro as a deposit iirc, and each month of actual use the charge is 1.70 Euro. So this summer's trip will be charged at two months as we go in July and return home in August. The toll charges are linked to my UK credit card and generally take at least a month or so to come through before being taken automatically. It's very easy. Plus you can see exactly how much you have paid!


We went to France earlier this year- and I was worried that the battery might have failed by now, but it was fine. So am hoping that it still is for our upcoming trip.

It saves a lot of time, particularly when there are queues.

sleepwhenidie Wed 15-Jul-15 08:48:13

I was going to say no, just use credit card...until I saw the words Black Saturday grin. Get one never repeating that experience <shudder>

Sandgroper Wed 15-Jul-15 17:32:35

I second what IwantGin says, best thing we ever got to go to France. Had one for a few years now, saved us from various "travel situations on the motorway at different times over July/Aug break". You never know what can happen and it would usually happen when we are travelling!

Imagine being that smug person who can just go straight through the toll gates!

also no arguments if you don't get one when DH says "we should have got one of those things" as you queue with the millions of other people, with fidgety little ones in the back, it's hot - will save you from saying I told you so we should have listened to the holy grail of mumsnet.....��

Enjoy your holiday��

Jedi1 Wed 15-Jul-15 17:40:44

Yes yes yes!

OttiliaVonBCup Wed 15-Jul-15 20:27:54

Depends how many toll boots on the route and how often and most importantly when you travel.

I do a lot of driving through France and sometimes it's very quiet, but sometimes the queues are bad and it's very fast to just drive through. Anything that shaves off minutes on a long journey is worth considering.

ThereMustAndShallBeTea Wed 15-Jul-15 23:34:13

Thanks grin - I do love it when MN tells me I am right and DH is wrong wink

I have realised the APRR site is cheaper than the Sanef one I was looking at, so that might be the way forward, if my schoolgirl French is up to the challenge.

ThereMustAndShallBeTea Thu 16-Jul-15 00:00:20

I've only gone and bloody done it grin though was still 21 euros with admin and postage (and maybe some sort of deposit?).

Might keep it in the glovebox and whip it out with a flourish and triumphant "Ha!" if we encounter traffic grin

iwantgin Thu 16-Jul-15 09:22:48

I believe that the battery is meant to last 5 years, so you will be able to use it for more trips in the future.

Ours seems fine after 3 years. We are going to France in a couple of weeks so get chance to try it again ;)

OttiliaVonBCup Thu 16-Jul-15 10:35:17

Might keep it in the glovebox and whip it out with a flourish and triumphant "Ha!" if we encounter traffic

I can see the sentiment here but be careful, not sure you can enter with a ticket and leave via the contactless if you find a jam on the exit toll.

iwantgin Thu 16-Jul-15 12:02:22

Yes. You need to either use it or leave it at home.

It will blip even in your glove box. You don't want to pay twice ;)

Branleuse Thu 16-Jul-15 12:22:49

we go to france loads and never bother. Ive rarely found the tolls to have massive queues.

sleepwhenidie Thu 16-Jul-15 12:27:18

Same here Branleuse, until one Black Saturday when we basically queued from Nice to Lyon (7.5hrs-horrendous). A Tag would have lessened the pain just a teeny tiny bit!

EmilyAlice Thu 16-Jul-15 12:29:20

We live in France and use it all the time. It saves loads of time, especially at the "drive through at restricted speeds" péages. You can queue for half an hour at the very busy ones like Tours at peak times.
Worth it, without a shadow of a doubt.

reddaisy Thu 16-Jul-15 12:29:23

When is Black Saturday? I've never heard of it!

sleepwhenidie Thu 16-Jul-15 12:32:37

Usually the last weekend in August, when the whole of France, plus tourists, head back at the end of their holidays.

reddaisy Thu 16-Jul-15 12:33:40

Great! Saturday 29th is the day we arrive this year. We have only got to go from the airport to the gite though but I can't remember how far that is.

EmilyAlice Thu 16-Jul-15 12:44:21

Not just heading back! The July lot head back and the August lot head down. I think now quite a lot of people round here seem to go mid-July to mid-August, but that first weekend is always a major news item.
We used to go to the Var coast on that weekend every year, but now we are retired we go (smugly) in early September. grin

thatsshallot Thu 16-Jul-15 12:51:18

I got one on the back of an earlier thread and it came from APRR within a fortnight. COmbination of schoolgirl French and google translate got me through it, and I think I've got it set up to take money from my credit card.

I can't wait!

Pichet Thu 16-Jul-15 16:16:31

Really Iwantgin. In all the years we have been using ours (15) it has never went off in the glove box.
I would agree with others op you'll be so surprised at the time you save with one.
Not to mention the look of French drivers when you sail through the toll. We find they leave space for UK registered vehicle to reverse out; as if we went into the wrong lane. grin

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