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Easyjet pricing

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neepsandtatties Mon 13-Jul-15 17:29:41

Looking to book flights for next year's holiday (August 2016). I understand that Easyjet will release Summer 2016 flights in October this year.

My question is, does every flight on every day start at the same low price, the second the 'doors open' (so to speak), or will some flights (i.e. flying out on a Saturday morning in August) already have a premium attached to them when the booking opens?

My dilemma is that I can book now for my route with Monarch for a reasonable £70 each way. If EasyJet start all their flights at the same low price (their 'headline' price for my destination is £25.99) then obviously I would be better off waiting until October and booking with Easyjet as soon as booking opens. But if Easyjet vary their prices according to days of the week/projected popularity then I might find I would be better off with my Monarch deal (which will of course be much more expensive in October...)

Does any one know?

Hersetta427 Mon 13-Jul-15 21:54:18

No they don't all start at the same price. August (especially weekends will be far more expensive). If you think the monarch flights are reasonable then book them and forget about it and just look forward to your holiday.

iwantgin Wed 15-Jul-15 11:05:11

It's impossible to estimate what the prices will be.

The most popular dates are going to start out at a higher price regardless - as Easyjet know that these will sell.

How are the prices for this August looking? Use that as a guide.

I once got really good flights for a mid summer family holiday, but have never seen anything near since.

You may be as well to book the Monarch flights - and then stop looking!

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