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which airlines fly to knock in Ireland?

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Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Nov-06 23:09:31

Message withdrawn

PinkTinsel Sat 18-Nov-06 20:55:51



fireflyfairy2 Sat 18-Nov-06 21:07:41

Hiya, me again We drove to Castlerea in the Summer, we drove through Ballina I didn't even know there was a train station in Knock!! Saying that we were just in it for Mass and a Guinness on the Sunday

Yorkiegirl Sun 19-Nov-06 09:59:36

Message withdrawn

PinkTinsel Sun 19-Nov-06 10:03:12


i know you might not have time if its a flying visit (or might not be in the humour considering the reason for the visit) but if your up for it let me know

Yorkiegirl Sun 19-Nov-06 10:10:35

Message withdrawn

PinkTinsel Sun 19-Nov-06 11:51:57

will do

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