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which airlines fly to knock in Ireland?

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Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Nov-06 23:09:31

Message withdrawn

Gingerbear Fri 17-Nov-06 23:18:27

Ryanair are starting a route from East Midlands at the end of February 2007

Gingerbear Fri 17-Nov-06 23:19:46

Knock scheduled flights

MrsSpoon Fri 17-Nov-06 23:21:55

This is a very good website. Might help.

MrsSpoon Fri 17-Nov-06 23:26:22

Actually that website might not be much use, unless Knock goes by a different name I can't get that website to show any flights to Knock from northern airports.

Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Nov-06 23:32:16

Message withdrawn

MrsSpoon Fri 17-Nov-06 23:34:45



Hope you get something.

Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Nov-06 23:35:57

Message withdrawn

MrsSpoon Fri 17-Nov-06 23:36:44

BTW I have used that site for bargain flights to Spain and they came up with very good prices, but obviously not the same for Knock.

flea Fri 17-Nov-06 23:38:54

but when are BMI pulling out (which I hadnt heard of) and what about flying into Sligo.. I will check with my Da in the morning if you like as he will prob know.. Its his local airport and the main place he flies to is Manchester

Gingerbear Fri 17-Nov-06 23:39:20

When are you planning on going? you could check Ryanair from Feb, or BMI up to Christmas?

fireflyfairy2 Fri 17-Nov-06 23:42:00

My friends flew from Gatwick to Knock in August last year.. is Gatwick very far from you (As I am sure you can tell by now, Geography was never my strong point)

Gingerbear Fri 17-Nov-06 23:43:39

Miles away Fireflyfairy About 200-300 miles.

fireflyfairy2 Fri 17-Nov-06 23:59:10

Need I produce any more evidence of being geographically challenged???

chipmonkey Sat 18-Nov-06 00:12:27

Aer Arann? I'll see if I can find a link............

PinkTinsel Sat 18-Nov-06 00:14:08

you visiting my neck of the woods yorkie?

bring jumpers, many many jumpers, it's effin freezing!

chipmonkey Sat 18-Nov-06 00:14:21

Nah, they only have a route from Knock to Dublin. Sorry.

chipmonkey Sat 18-Nov-06 00:17:14

Actually from looking at the Knock airport website, it looks like the only airlines are Ryanair, Aer Arann and BMI. And it looks like if BMI pull out, half the traffic to that airport will be gone!

PinkTinsel Sat 18-Nov-06 00:19:21

cheap flights

cheap flights from leeds

chipmonkey Sat 18-Nov-06 00:19:29

PinkTinsel, it snowed in Navan today!

PinkTinsel Sat 18-Nov-06 00:21:41

my mom emailed me to say there was snow on nephin and croach patrick today!

I WANT SNOW! sob sob sob, would make this cold worthwhile if i could bring dd out for a snowball fight!

Greensleeves Sat 18-Nov-06 00:22:44

I flew Ryanair to Dublin and then took the train to Knock, it was a very easy and pleasant journey.

PinkTinsel Sat 18-Nov-06 00:27:20

if you get the direct train it is, depending on the time of day you might have to change at manulla to get to north mayo (sorry yorkie, don't know exactly where you need to be) and it can be a nightmare with lots of luggage and young kids.

Yorkiegirl Sat 18-Nov-06 20:01:26

Message withdrawn

PinkTinsel Sat 18-Nov-06 20:55:10

theres only budget car rental at the airport


with any luck we'll be living up in that area of mayo by then, we'll have to meet up if you get time!

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