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Dublin - Leapcard Questions

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Janek Sat 04-Jul-15 10:07:11

We went to Dublin a couple of years ago and got Leapcards before we went, one each for me, dp and two dds. We came home with four cards that been with us on every journey and each one has a different smount of money left on it (you'd expect the children's ones to be different from the adult ones, but not different from each other iyswim)

Also, while i was faffing around getting on the bus trying to beep four leapcards, at least once, if not more times, the driver took two (or more) tickets from one card.

We are going again soon, So, could I cash in three of the cards, and we just pay for the four of us on one card (assuming we always travel together)?

And is there some kind of price capping, like there is on an oyster card, which would be affected by this (although if there is, it was messed up by the drivers taking fares willy nilly from various cards!)

Any advice/info gratefully received!

scandichick Sat 04-Jul-15 10:12:39

As far as I know there's nothing stopping you from using one card for all four, and it shouldn't mess up the discounted fairs. Might want to check Dublin Bus' website though, as I'm not a regular user.

Janek Sat 04-Jul-15 10:40:25

Thanks, i did check on the website a while back and couldn't find the answer i wanted, i'll check again though. I guess i have to go into one of their offices to cash in the cards, so could ask before doing it anyway.

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