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majorca first week in june - warm enough for swimming?

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omama Wed 01-Jul-15 20:07:45

We're thinking of going away May half term next year so first week in June - can anyone confirm if it is likely to be warm enough for the kids to go swimming in outdoor pools in Majorca or are we better off looking further afield i.e. Canaries?

They will be almost 6 & 18 months.

BackforGood Wed 01-Jul-15 20:18:57

Of course.
If you look at the brochures, they normally have the 'average temperature' for each month printed in them if that helps you decide.

NapoleonsNose Wed 01-Jul-15 20:27:12

We've been to Mallorca several times at the beginning of May and it was more than hot enough - mid to high twenties most of the time.

MrsCampbellBlack Wed 01-Jul-15 20:28:44

Not when we went about 4 years ago. Weather was very changeable but the outdoor unheated pool at the villa didn't get used at all.

We did go in the sea on a couple of days though.

noramum Wed 01-Jul-15 20:47:13

We went twice, last two weeks in May and first two weeks in June. In both cases the sea was warm enough to swim.

In May the unheated pool in our villa was freezing, DD wore a neoprene bodysuit, I refused to enter it.

Mrsderekshepard Wed 01-Jul-15 20:48:15

We went to Majorca 1st may a few years back and it was warm enough.

AliceMum09 Wed 01-Jul-15 22:44:15

We were in Majorca from 22nd May to 1st June this year (in Puerto Pollensa). The sea was definitely warm enough to swim in. The hotel pool was 'fresh' (!) but as long as you got in quickly and kept swimming it was lovely. It was a very deep pool though, the shallower children's polls were warmer.

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