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Protur Safari Sa Coma/other family friendly hotels Majorca?

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omama Mon 29-Jun-15 18:51:21

A friend has recommended Protur Safari Park hotel at Sa Coma in Majorca & wondered if anyone has been to this (or any of the other Protur hotels in the resort) & how they rate it?

Would you say it is suitable for young kids? they will be 6 and 19 months & we'd be travelling in June/July 2016.

Or if anyone could suggest other hotels that fit the bill (doesnt necessarily have to be in Sa Coma - if other areas are nicer please tell)

Our key requirements:

-separate living room/bedroom (this is a must so we can have a nice evening without disturbing the kids sleep or having to creep around)

-excellent pools/splash park/playground/activities for young kids. Not bothered about kids clubs.

-close to a good beach - preferably sandy & shallow for paddling

- not too far from shops/bars/restaurants/promenade for nice evening walk

- half board or all inclusive.

Any suggestions gratefully received smile

MrsRaegan Mon 29-Jun-15 18:59:17

Have a look at Hi Bouganvilla in Sa Coma. Reviews were a bit hit and miss but we're just back and it was fab!

omama Mon 29-Jun-15 20:44:25

thanks i'll take a look. what was sa coma like as a resort?

pennygirl26 Mon 29-Jun-15 20:58:06

i would 2nd bougainvillea i repped in majorca for years and its very popular.

Tangchi Mon 29-Jun-15 21:06:27

We stayed in the safari hotel a few years ago and loved it. Wasn't so keen on the beach though but the splash park (which cost extra) was excellent. This year recommended by a friend we are going to viva can picafort in a one bed apartment

omama Tue 30-Jun-15 22:17:34

what didnt you like about the beach? we've also been looking at viva c'an picafort - just got to make a decision now!

notasausage Wed 08-Jul-15 22:54:45

Just back from the Protur Bonaire at Cala Bona with Thomson Family Resorts and loved it. Room with 2 sofa beds and a separate twin room, balcony overlooking the pool and Aircon. We went self catering but upgraded to all inclusive - it was 25 euros per adult per night for 4 days or more if you do it in the resort (that was from self catering) or 43 euros for 2 nights. Lovely shaded splash pool with pirate ship and slides plus a toddler pool next to the main lagoon pool. Music and activities round the pool from 11am which your DC would be too young to take part in so you may find the constant music and loudspeaker anouncements annoying until they are big enought to take part (DD2 is 3 and had a go at some of the games, enjoyed the party in the pool etc but was not quite big enough to touch the bottom - lots of kids in with armbands though) Childrens entertainment from 7.30pm and child friendly acts on each night for the adults. Plenty of options for eating out in Cala Bona, which was a quiet town. Beach not that good though - seemed manmade and the sand was a bit grubby - like building site sand!

Our bus picked up from the Safari and it looked lovely though I think it would not have the daytime entertainment as it's not listed as a Family Resort, though that may be a bonus for you at the moment.

Ohanarama Fri 17-Jul-15 17:06:48

The previously mentioned Protour Bonaire at Cala Bona is heaven for families with young children. The hotel is modern and the decor really nice, fab pools - we could sit around the edge of the pirate pool and watch our 5 yr old play without having to go in ourselves. Lots of fun activities for children throughout the day. Many of the families we met stayed around the hotel for the whole holiday. Cala Bona has a nice harbour and some very friendly restaurants for families. You can walk or get the little train to the neighbouring resort (which Cala Bona merges into) which is a bigger resort with a lovely sandy beach and clear seawater. Also from the harbour you can go on a glass bottomed boat trip.

Seeline Fri 17-Jul-15 17:09:09

Bonaire is lovely. Have been there several times, and is brilliant for little ones.

blink1552 Sun 19-Jul-15 21:53:18

the vista badia is next door and fares a bit better on Tripadvisor

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