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fit to fly certificate?

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schwam66 Tue 23-Jun-15 06:45:52

my 4 year old came out with chicken pox last friday, they look to be relatively mild and most starting to heal already. We are do to fly on ryanair to spain this friday and i read on their website if they suspect chicken pox you need to produce a medical certificate saying your fit to fly? took him to the doctors yesterday and the GP says no doctor will do this or does it? Says he looks fine in himself but she doesnt know that he isnt still contagious, which makes a tiny bit of sense i suppose, but what do ryanair want then and why would it be on their website if no GP will do this? Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Nolim Tue 23-Jun-15 06:49:46

I understan that gps do this for a fee. Ours gave us a letter sayng that in day x dc was not showing symptoms or something to that effect. Can you ring another gp? Maybe a private one?

schwam66 Tue 23-Jun-15 07:19:13

oh really??? wish the lady would said something, i thought the fee was for like pregnant ladies or diabetic, my nan always needs a letter as she is diabetic to carry her supplies....will another gp even see me if i am registered somewhere else? thanks for the help such a pain in the butt, i know he will be fine and not a danger to anyone by friday but dont want risk being turned away....

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