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Greek island villa recommendation

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IsItMeOr Sun 21-Jun-15 16:07:15

Please can anybody recommend a villa on any of the greek islands which would be reasonably warm by summer half term hols?

We would like one that has at least 2 bedrooms, private swimming pool, air con (in bedrooms, at least), close to a decent beach (short car drive fine) and preferably within walking distance of a couple of good tavernas for meals.

I appreciate this sounds a bit picky! 6yo DS has autism, and we have realised that to enjoy a holiday, we need plenty of private space - he finds interactions with other DC very compelling, and also very triggering, so a resort where you see other kids would be very stressful (for us, and probably them/their parents, if not him!).

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

LeBearPolar Sun 28-Jun-15 13:00:22

We stayed in one of these villas on Zakynthos. It isn't a complex, as such, just a group of about ten villas, each with their own swimming pool. Very quiet - the nearest shop is a ten minute walk away and you would have to drive to get to a beach. The villas themselves are very peaceful - we went in July and weren't bothered at all by noise or other people.

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