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Europe,rail,small children

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Whattonamemyselfnow Thu 18-Jun-15 09:00:50

We are starting to think about maybe doing a big summer holiday next year. We will have by then a nearly 2 year old and a nearly 3.5 year old.

Initial thoughts are Europe. By rail as I refuse to travel on the right as I know I will crash hmm

Has anyone done anything similar? Any tips? Budget not small but not massive.


mrswolf Fri 19-Jun-15 19:30:03

We've done holidays by rail to Europe a few times. Seat 61 gives lots of info. We've done Eurostar to Paris and then changed onwards to South or East of France into Germany.
Eurostar now goes direct to Avignon and from here Provence/Languedoc easily accessible, but we've found changing in Paris has been cheaper. We book 1st class upper floor if double decker train(good views)in France as price is very reasonable.
Look for release dates for tickets as booking quickly gets you the cheapest prices.The only thing is not to overpack as you have to lug the cases on and off the trains.
IPad or equivalent with headphones very handy for watching films on the train without disturbing other passengers. Light blanket for the kids to snuggle under. Each child has their own small bag with wheels, but probably only any good for your older one. We have enjoyed travelling this way and found it straightforward,but flying again this year smile

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