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Bucharest - what's the traffic like?

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tipsycat Thu 11-Jun-15 20:15:39

Going to Dance World Cup competition with dd(12) in 2 weeks. The competition is taking place at the Rin Grande hotel in sector 4. have cancelled the apartment near the Rin Grande which we had booked, and are offering alternatives in sector 1. Does anyone know the approx journey times for a taxi to travel between sector 1 and sector 4? We booked our accommodation in December and have just been notified of the overbooking....😞😞😞 Any advice gratefully received.

TeamEponine Thu 11-Jun-15 20:52:34

Depends where in sector 1 as it stretches out quite far. Where have you been offered? Could be anything from 10-30 minutes, also depending on the time of day. Rush hour is pretty awful there!

The metro and tram are quite cheap and reliable, so it might be worth looking at those. Although with costumes and props that might not be so fun!

If you have time to spare in sector 1, visit Herastrau park. It is beautiful. Great bars and places to eat around the lake. The open air museum of the houses from around Romania in the park is really interesting.

Have a great time! I'm so gutted to not be there.

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