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Hotel family rooms with two separate bedrooms?? Any recommendations?

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Queazy Tue 02-Jun-15 19:32:10

I'm looking to book a weeks holiday in mid August for me, DH and DD who will be almost 2yrs. I'd quite like to go somewhere with good kiddy friendly facilities, potentially an indoor or heated pool, and that has family rooms where dd is in separate room so we can stay up late when we want. I know it sounds like I want the moon on a stick and would perhaps be better off in a self catering villa, but I'd love the option to avoid cooking if in or near a hotel. I'm not fussed what country we go to but short haul with 2-3 hour flight would be fab. Any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks so much xx

Heels99 Tue 02-Jun-15 23:22:27

Most hotels have interconnection rooms but you are paying for two rooms so it bumps up the cost a lot, especially in school hols. Can be tricky booking interconnecting rooms on line. Most hotels in hot locations don't have heated pools, especially in August
Travel agent may be your best bet.

macnab Wed 03-Jun-15 14:00:29

We went here last year. We had a family suite which was basically 2 (big) hotel rooms with a hallway between them. It was fantastic. We had so much space, and 2 of everything (bathrooms, TV, fridge etc!) The resort was really special, food was great, lots for the kids to do, weather fantastic etc etc. I couldn't rate it highly enough. The only downside is that the flight is about 4 hours. But it was worth it, for us. We booked directly with the hotel, a lot of places (like Alpha rooms for eg) don't even offer the family suite.

Queazy Thu 04-Jun-15 19:06:57

Thanks so much again. Macnab I've just got an email back and the family room is free so I think we might go to Gran Canaria! I haven't been since I was 18 (nearly half a lifetime ago - ha ha!) so looking forward to seeing the far lovelier parts of the island this time round! smile Did you go half board there? Just thinking of options and wondered what the food is like?

Thanks again

macnab Thu 04-Jun-15 22:07:28

Hi we went half board and the food was lovely. We ate out a few times just for something different. Found lunches a bit of a faff and didn't want to walk into harbour/eat out every day (kids just wanted to get back to the pool!) so we got a few plates and cutlery at breakfast and kept them in our room. Then went to the big supermarket just up the road and bought fresh bread, cold meats, cheese, crisps etc and ate on our balconiessmile We kept butter etc in the fridge. And since we had 2 fridges we stocked the other with cheap cava and when the kids went to bed DH and I sat on balcony and popped a bottle!
It's a beautiful resort but very quiet. The lights on balconies are on timer and were switched off at around 11:30 (we bought candles in the supermarket too!) The hotel entertainment was so bad it was funny - I'm sure you've read the reviews on trip advisor! But it's just so lovely and relaxing and Mogan itself is lovely too. Best of all the hotel bar has a Gin & Tonic menu! I was in heaven grin

rookiemere Sun 07-Jun-15 10:40:39

Maybe a bit too late, sounds like you have found a great option.

I can recommend this place It has s/c appartments - one/two/three bedroomed, but has facilities on site including a restaurant, heated pool, mini golf and a kids club. The kids club is very small and more one that the DCs dot in and out of, your DD would be too young to go on her own, but it's nice to go to with her to draw a picture or sometimes they feed the fish in their miniature pond.

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