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CiderLolly Sun 31-May-15 20:36:43

So not our usual choice of holiday but we have decided on a beach holiday late August. We have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. These seem easy although expensive. Does anyone have any experience of them at this time of year? Too busy? Too Brits abroad? Thanks.

RhinosAreFatUnicorns Sun 31-May-15 20:42:13

We've done Majorca - loved it! Small complex, lovely room (duplex) and great food. Not near anything but a free bus to beach and shops.

We also did Ibiza. Gorgeous rooms - we had a swim up, food was good, a few niggles but mainly down to some of fellow guests behaviour. We were in the quieter part of the hotel which was a blessing.

These places are great for kids, and for us that's what it's all about now. Gone are the days of our adult only stays! The entertainment is cheesy, but the children love it. They will be busy, but I think most places are?

onepieceoflollipop Sun 31-May-15 20:47:38

We did Portugal, the dcs loved the kid's club and the village was friendly. Occasionally other guests' behaviour is off putting (greed in the restaurants mainly)...but ime any type of all you can eat restaurant will have some customers that become overwhelmed by the food and take too much.
Just get a free glass of something and chill with your kindle by the pool smile

CiderLolly Sun 31-May-15 20:56:33

Thanks, I think you've summed it up. Great for kids and that's what matters really. I shall be ready for a chuckle at the greedy buggers grin

Cheesymonster Sun 31-May-15 20:56:45

We also did Majorca and loved it. Our dd was 19mo. This year we plan to try a Eurocamp style holiday in Spain.

dingit Sun 31-May-15 20:58:50

A vote here for the holiday village Rhodes. But beware it's very hot in August!

onepieceoflollipop Sun 31-May-15 21:00:48

Also we did Majorca 2 years ago, I found it too hot at evening/night time. We found that Portugal cooled down a little when the sun went down. Also Majorca was a bit louder on the whole.

AwayAndRunUpMaHumf Sun 31-May-15 21:17:04

We did Majorca 2 years ago too, and while the complex itself was nice, it really wasn't my cuppa tea entertainment wise. I found it really full on, yes I expected night time to be cheesy but I don't want bloody reps dancing in front of the pools to banging music. Consequently decided against another holiday village, and last year (& this) we've gone for a Thomson family hotel. Still the same type of family entertainment, activities during the day and kids clubs/ creche, but just not as bonkers during the day. Accept it's just my opinion though, and each to their own.

AwayAndRunUpMaHumf Sun 31-May-15 21:18:34

The dancing around the pools was obviously during the day to the same fucking music on rotation

CiderLolly Sun 31-May-15 21:26:26

Ha I am a bit worried about my patience being up to the cheese fest!

dementedpixie Sun 31-May-15 21:30:10

We have done Egypt, Tunisia, tenerife, Turkey and Portugal and our favourite was Tunisia. We have been there twice as it was so nice.

dingit Sun 31-May-15 21:38:19

The hey Rhodes has an activity side and a relaxing side! We had a swim up room on the activity side, but still weren't bothered by the pool activities. ( although joined in a few)

dingit Sun 31-May-15 21:38:40

* HV

CiderLolly Sun 31-May-15 21:40:06

Ooh was fancying the tunisia one! Relaxing side sounds good too, will look into that.

dementedpixie Sun 31-May-15 21:45:58

If you go to tunisia don't go for a kids den room as you don't get a balcony. The second time we went we had a normal family room so we would have a balcony for all the inflatables!

it has a selection of pools and is set in a garden area rather than being all concrete. It is on the beach too.

TooMuchCheesecake Sun 31-May-15 21:51:39

We have done Menorca and Tenerife HV in the last 2 years. They are fantastic for the children! Couldn't fault either of them to be honest. Menorca is a smaller hotel so felt more personal as the reps get to know all the kids names. Menorca seemed to be exclusively British guests, whereas Tenerife had a mixture of nationalities.
We want to try HV Rhodes next grin

Hersetta427 Sun 31-May-15 22:08:37

We have done kos, Turkey, Egypt (3 times) and Tunisia twice. Our favs are Tunisia and Egypt and we are going back to Tunisia in august. It has the best beach of any Hv and the pools are great. Only problem is I can now do the chocolatte in my sleep - not a great skill I can tell you.

Last august temps were around 37 in Tunisia - we got back from Egypt Hv two days ago and the last few days the temps were scorching (45 degrees).

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