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Anyone know how I can find out when certain BMI flights go on sale?

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Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Nov-06 21:43:35

Message withdrawn

bettythebuilder Sat 11-Nov-06 22:43:50

From LBA? Dh is on a night shift tonight, I can see if he could give the BMI load controllers a ring, they might know.
(Altho' I used to fly for BMI, and quite frankly I'd be suprised if even they know when they are going to release flights )

LadyMuck Sat 11-Nov-06 22:52:28

Typically mid Nov-early Dec.

Knock isn't usually an immediate sell out.

Berries Sat 11-Nov-06 22:58:09

don't know, but I've already booked summer flights for next year - came out about a month ago!!

JanH Sat 11-Nov-06 23:00:45

Is that bmi or bmibaby, YG? bmibaby send out emails when their sales start (and then you have to move at the speed of light to get one) - have to be on the mailing list though.

Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Nov-06 23:02:06

Message withdrawn

JanH Sat 11-Nov-06 23:07:46

Best place to keep an eye on them is Money saving Martin's brilliant Flightchecker

Hmm though - flights to other destinations are already available for summer - maybe they've lost the route? Might be worth ringing them to ask.

Rhubarb Sat 11-Nov-06 23:08:16

Good post JanH!

Yorkiegirl Sat 11-Nov-06 23:14:55

Message withdrawn

JanH Sat 11-Nov-06 23:36:21

They are now, but they might have lost their slot or something for April - it does happen. They stopped flying to Bordeaux from Manc over the winter 2 years ago because they'd lost their slot (or so the stewies said )

bettythebuilder Sat 11-Nov-06 23:57:19

I've spoken to dh at work, and bmibaby haven't released their summer timetable for Knock, so it's not even definite that they will be doing those flights.
Aviance(groundstaff) say to register online with bmibaby or contact knock airport!

MrsSpoon Sun 12-Nov-06 00:03:22

I use Sky scanner to check for cheap flights.

Where is Knock? Never heard of it.

JanH Sun 12-Nov-06 00:09:43

Ireland, Mrs Spoon. There was some kind of vision there once - a weeping statue or something?

MrsSpoon Sun 12-Nov-06 00:12:18

Ah, thanks JanH. I'm not very familiar with Ireland, you learn something new every day.

JanH Sun 12-Nov-06 00:13:01

Oh no, it was like Lourdes - the Virgin Mary

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