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Eurocamp kids clubs, what activities do they do & how messy are they?

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indiana7 Sun 24-May-15 22:45:30

Just that! We are going to La Chapelle campsite in France & have a 1 & 2 year old for the kids club. Can experienced Eurocampers tell me what the camps entail, are they any good & do I need to pack any specific type of clothing? Tia

Acunningruse Tue 26-May-15 07:43:01

At the kids club at the site we went to, La Croix de Vieux Pont, the kids club for under 4s was a play tent with toys and an area for children to play with trikes and ride ons etc. You have to stay with them, they won't look after under 3s unsupervised. There were nature trails I think and swimming lessons but only for over 3s I recall.

Eurocamp are super helpful and friendly on the phone if you want to ring them to check the above.

TuttiFrutti Wed 27-May-15 07:26:56

Eurocamp kids' clubs are excellent but it's difficult to get detailed information in advance as they are managed locally. Some camps have a one size fits all arrangement, others have age-specific clubs.

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