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Ideas - 25/26 July, one week with teens aged 17 & 18

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dottygamekeeper Fri 22-May-15 15:09:54

Inspire me - we have one week starting weekend 25/6 July - want to go away somewhere, must not be too hot (but ideally better weather than we are likely to have in the UK)! We like a mix of culture and/or countryside (def not lying on a beach), good food and wine. We are not particularly sporty. I would prefer to go somewhere that we do not have to drive eg with good public transport, or where roads are wide and quiet, or a compact location where we can walk.

I had considered Iceland but flights are looking expensive as we have left it late to book

I like the idea of a nice hotel, but we have also done AirBnB successfully, provided it is some where with lots of places to eat out, as I want a rest from cooking.

Budget up to £5000.

I usually love booking and planning holidays but this year have been too busy working to do the leg work, so now need inspiration!

Open to suggestions....

mary21 Fri 22-May-15 18:04:05

Hungary. Budapest. Lots of spa's. Interesting city. Variety different accommodation. Easy to get around. Festival if you are there at the right time. Big pool complex with chutes on one of the islands. Take train out of city to Balaton. Eating out reasonable especially if off the main tourist drag and Hungarian wines are OK.
Or France paddle the Ardeche

iwantgin Fri 22-May-15 21:10:24

Barcelona. Stay in one of the coastal resorts nearby for peace and quiet. Train into city for sightseeing etc.

MyPelvicFloorTrainsItself Sat 06-Jun-15 08:41:56

I'm looking for ideas for this kind of thing too.

DragonRojo Sat 06-Jun-15 09:24:14

you could go to Santander or San Sebastian in the North of Spain. You can take the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao, and visit a few places from there.

Suttonmum1 Fri 12-Jun-15 17:47:58

Berlin or Munich. Lots of AirBNB in Munich (don't know about Berlin). Europe's largest water park on the outskirts, plus lots of open air pools. Book tour of BMW factory. Munich very very cycle friendly, so rent bikes, or try to get an apartment with some thrown in.

Suttonmum1 Fri 12-Jun-15 17:49:39

Or Barcelona. That would be great too. But Munich not so hassled.

dottygamekeeper Fri 12-Jun-15 22:43:11

Thanks for all suggestions -we did Barcelona in half term last October and loved it, but think it would be too hot for us in July (and a bit too soon to go again). I have wondered about Berlin or Amsterdam, or completely different type of holiday, Lake Maggiore.

budgiegirl Sat 13-Jun-15 14:21:33

Barcelona. Great combination of city, culture, good food and excellent wine, city beaches, pretty beach resorts easily reached by car/train/bus, and a fab theme park about an hour away if your teens are into that.

paxtecum Sat 13-Jun-15 14:28:12

Santiago de la compostela is an amazing city.

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