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paris hotels and advice with kids

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scotsliz Thu 09-Nov-06 21:33:21

It is our wedding anniversary on 8th January, we have noone to look after kids so we are going to Paris, flying out on 7th and coming back on 11th. Children will be 13, almost 4 and 2 and a half. They are good kids but would like details of best things to do with them from people who have been, nice places to eat with them, good hotels or apartments that will fit us all in(2 adults, 2 children and a little monkey still in a cot lol). Please please, any help most welcome.

scotsliz Tue 14-Nov-06 19:12:56

come on. there must be people who have some information for me, we are really struggling with accomodation...please please please

Many Thanks


TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:13:21

oh ho
yes i have

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:15:03

what abotu a citadines serviced aprtment then you can save on drinks and breakfast etc

ther are lot sin paris eemingly - have a look and find one near a metro

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:15:48

right my other good bit of advice is to look at travel for kdis - the website - relaly good
i went with ds1 ( 8) in sptemebr and did a whoel thread on what we did, ill fidn it for yo

tribpot Tue 14-Nov-06 19:20:30

Parc de la Villette - great for kids. The food in it is atrocious, basically the French version of McDs, so take your own!

tribpot Tue 14-Nov-06 19:21:08

Oh and sorry for double post - Tour de Montparnasse. I will never go to the Eiffel Tower again, this place is better and cheaper AND you get the Eiffel Tower in your photos, result!

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:21:28

yes bit chek ont he website as it was closed the dday we went
oru french freidns din rate it
I cant find my p[aris thread

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:24:11

here it is

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:27:30

the batobus woule be great woudl nto do louvre or musee dorsay i think.

TheHighwayCod Tue 14-Nov-06 19:27:56

scotsliz Wed 15-Nov-06 09:10:34

Thanks so much *kissing feet* Away to look at this thread now!!

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