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You chose my last two holidays - can you choose this years please?

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Meaningbusiness Wed 13-May-15 15:42:35

Last year and the year before I booked with a lot of help from mumsnet.

I'm down to two. Can you give me your opinion?

We've got four small children.

Kefaluka - outside Bodrum
Suena Deluxe - brand new hotel in Belek.

Please humour me. Thank you!!

Meaningbusiness Wed 13-May-15 17:47:25

Oh no. Zero response. Help!!

Keluka in Turkey
Sueno Deluxe - Turkey

OR - Protur hotel in Majorca.

Down to three. Want to book tomorrow.

Which would you book?

Meaningbusiness Wed 13-May-15 17:48:58

Would help if I could spell.


Sueno Deluxe


drycoughssuck Wed 13-May-15 17:57:43

I'd go to the country I haven't been to for the longest. Easily bored with familiar places.

SecretSquirrels Thu 14-May-15 16:47:32

Protur is a chain, which one?

SooticaTheWitchesCat Sun 17-May-15 16:54:30

Kefaluke in Bodrum.

I have never stayed at the hotel but Bodrum is wonderful, so much to see and do. Belek is really just hotels with nothig around, fine if you want to spend all your time in the hotel but I think it would be a shame to go all the way to Turkey and not see all the amazing culture and history.

AmandaTanen Sun 17-May-15 16:58:12

I would choose Majorca with young kids as the flight times seem to be better for us. Turkey flights seem to be in the middle of the night and I'm a hopeless traveller.

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 17:02:34

you could maybe link the resorts rather than expecting us to google it?

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 17:03:03

Turkey in August is VERY VERY hot

Whichoneisit Sun 17-May-15 17:06:38

Protur biomar?

Have been there. Is a fantastic hotel- gorgeous rooms, brilliant service, yummy food.

The area is full or tourists and gift shops but the beach is close by.

The only negative id say is that there is no kids club. There is an art hut next to the pool for a few hours a day but it's not to be used as childcare.

Don't know the other hotels but trip advisor reviews of this one are very positive

SooticaTheWitchesCat Mon 18-May-15 10:24:18

We go to turkey all the time and have never flown in the middle of the night. We always go in the day time.

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