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Tunisia dreadful right?

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Meaningbusiness Mon 11-May-15 09:40:24

Hi there

We had a disastrous holiday in Tunisia. The food was truly terrible and my husband ended up in hospital when we got back. We were in a five star hotel. We're trying to find a bargain and I keep being told Tunisia is great. I'm not going to be persuaded, am I?....

dementedpixie Mon 11-May-15 09:45:34

Our favourite holiday was in Tunisia at one of the Holiday Village places. We have been to it twice now. Not so good if you don't have kids though@

Fluffy40 Mon 11-May-15 09:47:24

We had a lovely holiday there about three years ago, but when you leave the hotel there are many beggars outside selling you stuff, not sure if I'd go back. Weather was perfect.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 11-May-15 09:52:33

I've been and didn't think much too it tbh. but that light have something to do with the Constant harassment and hands on my arse. I'm not a scary cat but I don't expect hotel staff to be inviting me to the office, ask if I'm married. my dad was offered camels and money fir me. I'd never take my Dds there.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Mon 11-May-15 09:58:50

I went to a 5-star hotel in Hammamet years ago and it was lovely, iirc, with a gorgeous beach. No food poisoning.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Mon 11-May-15 10:04:50

I went to Hammamet a few years ago to a 3 star hotel. It was lovely and we had a great holiday.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 11-May-15 10:06:57

Hammermet was where we went hmm

maybe I went at a particularly bad time cos I wasn't left alone

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Mon 11-May-15 10:30:48

I think it's a stay-in-the-resort place. I had hassle in Tunis. If you're not happy with that, then it's not for you

HelenF350 Mon 11-May-15 13:07:07

I've been 3 times and I love it. Weather is great, people are lovely and the hotels I've stayed in have been very good, particularly the club Magic Life Afrikanas which we stayed in last year. Locks on the room doors were a pain in the ass but the hotel, food and service were fantastic.

HelenF350 Mon 11-May-15 13:08:20

The locals do try and sell you everything in sight but I've found that in most resorts. It's a poor country and they rely very much on tourist money.

Fierceflora Mon 11-May-15 13:11:49

Well I hope it's not dreadful- I'm going with my friend on Sunday! It's my first ever holiday on my own without family smile I can't wait but already really worried about missing the kids and dh dreadfully blush

Meaningbusiness Mon 11-May-15 13:32:39

Fierceflora, you made me stop and think. I'm sorry - I was a bit insensitive with my title. If it's any consolation the travel agents have all been telling me how fab Tunisia is - hence my post. We were just unlucky. Have a lovely holiday!

Fierceflora Mon 11-May-15 13:39:52

That's ok mb, I've been reading a lot (since we booked it!) that loads of mners hate it arghh. Only chose it as it's pretty much guaranteed to be hot and it was super cheap! Going AI so prob won't venture out of the resort anyway so so long as we don't catch any nasty tummy things it should be ok <crosses fingers>. Though we went to marrakech last year and I spent 3 weeks when we got back with a very dodgy tum (and that was AI too) confusedhmm

cococandyfloss Mon 11-May-15 14:20:22

I went with my own family when I was about 3 and we have a brilliant family holiday , went again when I was 17 and Dsis was 14 and staying in a gorgeous 5 star hotel in Hammamet. Waiters propositioned us all the time and tried to touch us and we all had food poisioning for a few days too.
I personally wouldn't go back with my own family at the moment.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Mon 11-May-15 18:12:49

We went out all the time and we didn't find it a problem. Yes, they try to sell you loads of stuff but we coped fine. We had lovely food, we didn't eat at the hotel but found local restaurants and it was lovely.

This is where we stayed:

HermioneWeasley Mon 11-May-15 20:36:01

Went once, would never go back. Desperately poor country with little to recommend it

Fugghetaboutit Mon 11-May-15 20:42:27

Why would you go back after a dreadful experience before?

CPtart Mon 11-May-15 21:30:37

Have been twice and had two good family holidays. It is what it is. Outside the resorts is pretty grotty and intimidating but the hotels, beaches and weather were fab. And El Djem ( the amphitheatre) is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.

slalomsuki Tue 12-May-15 14:26:34

We went last summer to Tunisia near Sousse. It was great, very clean and child friendly. Waiters didn't hassle us and nothing was too much trouble. Went in to Sousse for the day and apart from the shopping centre and harbour there wasn't much to see. Didn't really get hassled in the market despite having blonde kids and in the main if you said no they left you alone.

We had been before about 10 years earlier and it was more built up and tourist orientated than I remember it to be.

BeaLola Tue 12-May-15 14:32:17

Went to Sousse about 4 years ago and it was a really great holiday.

ItsRainingInBaltimore Tue 12-May-15 14:34:21

Wouldn't touch it with a shitty stick.

ShatnersBassoon Tue 12-May-15 14:39:12

We had a great holiday in Tunisia. Lovely climate and people, loads of fascinating historic sites, good beaches, decent food...

I never once felt harassed. Of course the traders try to draw you in to buy from them, but it was all jolly and certainly not threatening; the stock opening line was 'Cheaper than Asda price, madam!'. The hotel staff were no different to those in any other country, and were pleasant and professional.

Hoppinggreen Wed 13-May-15 22:26:13

Hated it. Been all over the world and its the only place I actually hated.
We met 1 nice Tunisian the whole time we were there, the rest were totally miserable .
It might have been ok if we hadn't wanted to leave the resort but we like to explore.

Hersetta427 Thu 14-May-15 14:19:07

We went twice last year and going again in August (again as poster above to the holiday village). Food was brilliant, no dogy tums (and dd and I ate our weight in garlic prawns), fantastic beach and just about the best staff at any hotel we have been to bar the Maldives.

Figster Fri 15-May-15 14:51:10

I went in 2010 really enjoyed it disallowed the trips going saw a lot of the country so wouldn't go back personally but not because of bad experiences. I also wouldn't go at the moment due to security concerns I suspect that's why it's so cheap a lot of other people not going either

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