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Cala Galdana, Menorca - somewhere to stay with toddler?

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mishmash13 Wed 06-May-15 11:11:16


Can anybody offer a suggestion of somewhere nice to stay with a 20 month old in Cala Galdana, Menorca?

We've never been. I was thinking of a villa, but can’t seem to find anything where the pool area doesn't look like a health and safety nightmare with a toddler. So, perhaps a hotel is better. Has anybody had a successful toddler trip here and can advice?

Thanks in advance, really appreciate any help  x

FrameyMcFrame Sun 24-May-15 22:10:01

Been twice, you will love it, it's perfect for small children.
We stayed in a villa both times from Bartle Holidays, here
The massive hotel which is right on the beach looked good too, lift directly down to the sand... here

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