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Amsterdam - Tips and help please

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bluesky Tue 07-Nov-06 09:29:38

We want to take the children to Amsterdam in the easter hols. We have never been so don't know its layout, or the best place to stay etc.

Hotel advice anyone? Family room? Must sees?

I would be grateful for any advice before I start my long stint at the computer planning and booking it!

TheHighwayCod Tue 07-Nov-06 09:31:00

look at travekl for kids .com
i sused them in paris

TheHighwayCod Tue 07-Nov-06 09:31:31

here you are

bluesky Tue 07-Nov-06 09:36:17

That is BRILLIANT cod, EVERYTHING is on there for what to do. Thank you, and where else can you post a question and get a reply in 90 secondds??!!

HOTEL anyone?

TheHighwayCod Tue 07-Nov-06 09:37:49

hmm id go to one of thsoe hotels on a boat
theyd be great

LadyMuck Tue 07-Nov-06 09:40:18

From memory we stayed at the Victoria which is effectively across the road from the Centraal station so easy to get to from the airport. It is also walking distance to Nemo - You must go there.

TheHighwayCod Tue 07-Nov-06 09:43:25


TheHighwayCod Tue 07-Nov-06 09:44:44

look att eh triup advisor forums
they haev some good ideas

franca70 Tue 07-Nov-06 10:50:48

Hi bluesky, we are going to amsterdam tomorrow. I've been there already, I reckon it's extremely child-friendly. I love Time Out guides, as they have a section entirely dedicated to children.

franca70 Tue 07-Nov-06 10:53:55

that link on amsterdam is great cod, I've printed it

bluesky Tue 07-Nov-06 11:22:29

franca70, you must post back with how it went etc, please.

Cod, thanks for the trip advisor forum idea, I didn't realise trip advisor did that. I found a great hotel on that website called Zandbergen, but their quad room has already gone, arrgh!

I will look at Victoria ladymuck, and thanks for the Nemo recommendation, it was on Cods list.

franca70 Tue 07-Nov-06 11:54:34

I certainly will.
I went to Amsterdam 6 yrs ago (pre-kids) in June. A friend of mine (who's been living there for ten yrs) took me to Vondel park where it is possible to rent roller skates. It was good fun. My children are too young (4.5 and 2.5), but if yours are a bit older I thouroughly recommend it.
If you have time, go to bookshop and browse through the Time Out guide, there's a section dedicated to children, from child-friendly restaurants to soft play areas...

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