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Anyyone use HPB?

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hillyhilly Sat 02-May-15 18:08:51

We've been toying with investing in this for a long while, our kids are now 7 & 10 and the properties look good, we always book quite far in advance but obvs have to go in school holidays.
Would be interested to know whether others would recommend it or whether it gets too difficult to go where you want to.

iseenodust Sun 03-May-15 12:22:15

My parents are members so we have been to a few of the properties. They have all been good quality. I think you would have to invest a lot to be able to book for school holidays; as with other holiday companies the cost/number of points required rises dramatically.

GreenShadow Wed 06-May-15 19:51:58

Our best friends are members and we've been to a couple of properties with them. If we hadn't moved on from self-catering now the children are older, I'd be seriously tempted.

Although as isee says, it is 'expensive' in school holidays, if you are prepared to book at short notice (30 days), you can get point-free holidays even during school holidays.

Galloway4 Mon 03-Aug-15 19:02:54

I have been a member of HPB since 1994 and invested when my youngest child was 2 using a voluntary redundancy payment. We began small as investors and added to our investment as our family grew using loans on low interest mortgage rates as this is a property investment, we also made one off investments or top ups.. As a result we have had years of wonderful holidays prefering to holiday in France, Italy, Turkey and Portugal whilst most recently taking holidays in the UK which has been perfect for activity holidays with teenagers and family dog. We still go abroad regularly although in smaller apartments as my family shrinks as the older children move out. My investment works to the maximum benefit these days at about £30,000.00 although the cost to me has only been £20,000.00 due to inflation proofing increases in points valuations over the years. This investment is transferred to my children on my death. We have always taken additional holidays outside the HPB each year. Our HPB sites always give us wonderful high quality accommodation which cannot always be said in other locations. I will start to take advantage of the Theme holidays as I become freer to travel outside school holidays. All in all a very flexible investment which has benefitted my whole family enormously. I would highly recommend it to those who want good quality family accommodation.

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