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What to travel with??

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csbartez Tue 28-Apr-15 17:04:04

We are going to Menorca in 3 weeks and I am unsure what pushchair to take? I would like to take my main Icandy pushchair as it is so comfortable for my daughter and fully reclines for nap times etc? However I have been recommended by friends to just by a £20 lightweight stroller as they think my pushchair will get damaged etc on the flight? Can anyone advise? Have you taken your main pushchair? has it been damaged? do you recommend a lightweight one? Just dont know what to do! Thanks in advance

floatyjosmum Thu 30-Apr-15 16:53:14

I've taken a decent pushchair and it survived. Need to bear in mind that although you take it up to boarding gate you may get it back at the luggage carousel so you run a high risk of it being damaged

We go away in 4 weeks time and I'm taking a m&p stroller with us - does everything we want but won't be devastated if we have to replace it. We are also taking our own car seat as we are hiring a car and worked out it was cheaper to replace if it gets damaged than actually hire one - hopefully it will be fine and we will have saved!

csbartez Thu 30-Apr-15 20:41:10

Thank you for responding to me. Really just cant make a decision lol

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