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Has anyone been to Martinhal (Portugal) recently?

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StepfauxWife Sun 26-Apr-15 13:17:37

We are off soon and CAN'T WAIT! Just getting things sorted and had a few questions:

1. Transfers seem super expensive - 124 Euro each way! Does anyone know if it's cheaper to get a taxi from the airport or organise transfers separately? If so, any recommendations please?

2. What do we really need to take for our 2 year old DD? I get the impression that most things are included so don't want to pack unnecessarily but equally don't want to forget anything too!

Thanks in advance.

PurpleAlert Sun 03-May-15 19:05:14

If you are going for a week or more surely hiring a car would be cheaper? I travel to the Algarve regularly and use a local car hire company called Zitauto. You tell them when you want the car and which sort- they give you a price then you turn up on the day with a wadge of cash and off you go- no credit card details taken and full comp insurance is included.

Martinhaal is quite a way down the Algarve so unless you intend just to stay in the resort(which is fab by the way and a lovely beach) a car would be useful if the weather is not great and you want to do a bit of exploring.

Have a lovely time- Portugal is great!

PurpleAlert Sun 03-May-15 19:14:32

Or I can recommend Suntransfers seems cheaper- 194 euro return? (Quote was to Sagres as Martinhal not on the list but Sagres is just down the road)

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