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Advice please!!! Considering Centreparcs break in February - Sherwood Forest

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loopity Sun 05-Nov-06 20:42:13

Has anyone else been there during winter? We will be poss going for weekend break with 3 lo's under 7.
Also we will be flying from Ireland into the new Robin Hood airport - is it easy to get from there to the centreparcs site??

Thanks, any info or advice appreciated

BobbyWoo Sun 05-Nov-06 20:48:47

We went last weekend. Not exactly mid-winter but not warm either and did rain a bit. We had a great time, only 1 lo though - nearly 3. She had a fantastic time on her bike, in the swimming pool and a couple of the activities. Loads of indoor play areas too if the weather's really awful.

Have also used Robin Hood airport a few times and think it would be very easy to get to Center Parcs from there. Can't see you having travel problems from there.

loopity Sun 05-Nov-06 21:30:17

Thanks bobbywoo

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