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Sardinia - Hotels

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Clayhead Fri 24-Apr-15 11:22:50

Can anyone recommend any nice hotels in Sardinia - anywhere on the island would be fine!

DC 12 and 14.


Clayhead Sun 26-Apr-15 09:47:40


Siennasun Sun 26-Apr-15 21:50:06

Beach or town? We stayed in a hotel near Alghero a few years ago, called hotel Punta Negra and a couple of nice places in Villasimius (Mariposas, can't remember name of other) and Miramare in Cagliari. All those were fine though Villasimius probably better for kids.
The Forte Village is supposed to be nice, we've never been as it seems a bit too resorty and very expensive.

Clayhead Mon 27-Apr-15 07:59:16


I hadn't even got as far as thinking about beach or town - plan to travel a bit so a bit of both I guess grin

FlourishingMrs Sat 23-May-15 21:12:33

Forte village is great

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