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Eurocamp without a car- anyone done it?

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sunglasses Sat 21-Mar-15 13:09:52

Wondering about a Eurocamp holiday this Summer. We are non drivers so we need to do a car free holiday. Anyone been to a Eurocamp without a car. Which one? Was there enough to do in surrounding area as don't want to be solely based on a site? Kids are 10 and 8. Any comments welcome or suggestions of other car free holidays??

BackCrackAndNappySack Sat 21-Mar-15 13:22:22

If you are going to do it make sure you pick a large, lively site where you don't need to go off site for anything. Honestly, having been on quite a few Eurocamp type holidays I really can't see how you can make it work without a car, but then I like to go out and about every day.

The on-site supermarkets are expensive (although some are quite large and well stocked, it really depends on the size of the campsite) so even getting in enough shopping for a week's self catering will be very tricky and they tend to have only one restaurant on site, which can get boring. Most of them are not placed right near beaches or major attractions although some do offer shuttle services or are near bus routes.

Given they are not especially cheap and you'll still be paying out for flights to get there I think it might be a false economy and you'd be better off with a small basic hotel somewhere fairly central in a resort with everything to hand.

That said, if you do do it, and are happy to chill around the caravan, let the kids play in the pool and run freely around the grounds without any huge expectations re: sightseeing, and if you don't mind eating from a limited menu or cooking with food from a limited range in the shop you will still have a lovely time.

Look at Dol-de-Bretagne, Biscarosse, (sorry can't remember exact names of the sites) Norcenni Girasole in Tuscany, La Sirene in Argeles, and any others that are similarly large and not too far off from the airport as you'll have to get there by bus or taxi.

And if you are going anywhere (with the exception of northern France) in the height of summer then don't even think about booking one without air conditioning. It will be hell.

sunglasses Sat 21-Mar-15 13:38:52

Thanks thats what I thought. Any other suggestions for car free holidays somewhere nice in the school holidays

ChippyMinton Sat 21-Mar-15 14:36:17

The uk operators list sites that are possible car-free, but having looked into it, I'm not convinced it would work. We are seasoned eurocampers and enjoy easy self-catering. I like a mobile with proper fridge and freezer and barbeque, and stock up on ice lollies , beer and nice meats and salads from the supermarket every couple of days. It would be a pain without a car. Also we take a car full of stuff with us, beach toys, towels, etc etc which is a pain when flying.
I think an apartment in a resort accessible by public transport would be better value.

Decorhate Sat 21-Mar-15 17:53:31

Duinrell might be an option if you can work out a way of getting there from Amsterdam. Cycling distance to beaches, supermarket on site & another within a short walk

chocolateshoes Sat 21-Mar-15 17:58:31

We've done eurocamp to the Ile de Ré without a car. Fly to La Rochelle & get a taxi. Hire bikes. You don't need much luggage and just cycle to supermarkets. Didn't need car while we were there.

SconeCreamJam Sat 21-Mar-15 18:01:04

We did Italy without a car, one of the Lake Garda campsites. We used buses and trains to get around, really easy.

beatricequimby Sun 22-Mar-15 21:49:51

Eurocamp have a list of sites they recommend if you don't have a car. Off the top of my head, one near Rome, some near Venice and some of the Lake Garda sites. We are going to the Paris one on Eurostar. Eurocamp will also arrange transfers for you. I think a car free holiday is a bit of a mindset. If you are used to having a car, not having one seems a pain. If you are used to figuring out public transport abroad it's fine as long as you pick somewhere accessible

beatricequimby Sun 22-Mar-15 21:52:15

Also ones nearish to Carcassonne and Barcelona are doable if you wantto gget araround on publpublic transport.

makemineapinot Wed 25-Mar-15 21:21:13

We went with canvas to Camping Portofelice near Venice in Italy twice without a car. Def didn't need one as campsite facilities are fab - it's a short walk to beach and nearest town (5mins max) bus to/from Venice (boat trips locally too) and airport stops outside campsite as does bus in the other direction to Caorle which is gorgeous and has a water park. We also went to Argeles in the south west of France near the Spanish borders - fab scenery with Pyrenees at one side and sea at the other. Great pool, restaurant, facilities and short walk or tourist train into marina and town. There were some restaurants along the beach by the campsite. Cost about e50 in a taxi from Perpignan. Campsite was bois du val Marie - only drawbacks were it was hilly (stunning views from amazing pool complex) and you could occasionally hear trains going into Argeles. Fantastic holidays and def didn't need a car, would avoid campsites that are out of the way - you need public transport just in case you want to get out and about!

makemineapinot Wed 25-Mar-15 21:23:09

Getting the bus from Marco Polo airport was the easiest thing ever - there's a big sign that says 'buses' and very helpful staff who plonk you on the right one. Much easier than finding our package holiday tour operator in Majorca a few years ago who was hiding behind the buses....

thedevilinside Wed 25-Mar-15 22:57:51

Yes, the one near Venice, by accident due to a cock up with credit card/driving license, No car actually required, Venice easily accessed by boat, beach right next to the camp. It's called Marina De Venezia, three huge swimming pools and loads to do on site

roughtyping Sat 28-Mar-15 19:55:16

We went to Bella Italia in Peschiera on Lake Garda. Easyjet flights to Verona, Holidaytaxis (about€40 rtn at the time), town within easy walking distance, train to Verona, free bus to Gardaland, ferries to towns around the lake. Campsite had a shop, restaurant, water park, and was right on the lake. DS absolutely loved it. smile

addictedtosugar Sat 28-Mar-15 20:06:39

Yep, we did car free last year, and are going again this year.
We didn't actually leave the site, but there were buses at the end of the road to the beach and Rome.
Order linen and towel sets to be in the accommodation, and a started pack with washing liquid etc in. Went to the supermarket most days. Yes, not the cheapest, but perfectly equate. Fresh bread, meat, cheese and salad for lunch, and either something very simple (BBQ, pasta) or the restaurant in the evenings.
Agree with filtering by ones Eurocamp say are perfect for car free - they tend to be bigger, and near the airports!

addictedtosugar Sat 28-Mar-15 20:07:18

Oh, and we flew Jet2, so did all 4 of us on 2 suitcases.

Hadmeathello Sat 28-Mar-15 20:12:41

We did Bella Italia on Lake Garda without a car. Flew Ryanair into Milan then private transfer to resort. Lots of restaurants within walking distance and boats/buses great for getting around.

itwillgetbettersoon Mon 06-Apr-15 22:03:18

Last two holidsys have been eurocamp without a car. One near Florence and one near venice. Both sites had fantastic supermarkets, wine at 2e a litre. Roast chickens and takeaways, buses, taxis and trains. I've done it as a single parent with 9 and 11 year old. I disagree with the posters who say it isn't possible. Also we always book a tent - great value - and we don't need air con as we are outside all the time.

SolomanDaisy Mon 06-Apr-15 22:06:15

Duinrell is really easy without a car. Train from Schiphol, then direct bus. Loads to do on the site, but very close to the town centre for supermarkets and restaurants. You can also use the bus and train to do day trips.

cakeaddict Tue 07-Apr-15 21:15:19

We flew to Perpignan last year and stayed at Bois de Valmarie in Argeles with Eurocamp. We did hire a car but it's somewhere that I think you could manage without. Beach, a few bars/restaurants and a small grocery store all within 5-10 mins walk (plus campsite shop), the marina with even more restaurants about 15 mins walk, and a tourist 'train' to take you into the centre of Argeles stopped outside the campsite. You might need a taxi to stock up at a decent size supermarket, but otherwise I think it would be doable.

iwantgin Thu 09-Apr-15 08:34:24

I thought I had posted on this butseemingly not.

A few years ago we went to Vilanova Park, which is near to Barcelona. Me, DH and 3 DC (aged 8-12). I managed to get some bargain priced flights to Barcelona. The campsite sorted us out a taxi transfer which was also very well priced - I 'think' it was 60 euros return ? (this was 5 years ago btw)

The site was pretty large - with a lot of facilities. There was bus stop right outside which took you down into the town and the beach, and the railway station. I believe that the frequency of buses has increased since then too.

We stayed in a mobile home with Thomson Al Fresco - but the campsite has pretty much all the major operators, and space for private camping too.

We did manage fine without the car - the only time I would have wished for one was when we wanted to shop. There are a couple of large supermarkets and an great indoor market down in town, Vilanova I La Geltru - and we had to schlep it all back 'home' on the bus, in the August heat.

Ohanarama Thu 16-Apr-15 22:21:12

Have also been to Bois du Valmarie. Flew to Perpignan and then taxi to site. Beach is over the road from site and port with lots of nice restaurants a short walk away. A bus with all journeys costing 1 euro stopped near the site entrance which we used to get to Collieure, one of the nicest seaside towns I have been to. Argeles itself not so pretty but lots of restaurants, tourist shops, a night market, funfairs etc which kids liked.

Honsandrevels Thu 16-Apr-15 22:26:13

We went to Peschiera on Lake Garda by train from the uk and used trains and buses to get around. It was great!

csbartez Tue 28-Apr-15 17:14:35

I worked on Eurocamp Marina de Venezia site (12 years ago!). It is a massive site with lots of different restaurants and a few shops so you do have variety when staying on site. It has a massive beach attached to site also. There is a bus that runs in main season but wasnt running when I worked as was end of season. The ferry port is in easy cycling distance and this takes you to Venice for a very reasonable fee. There was loads of places you could get to on bikes which you can hire on site. I was there for 3 months without a car and didnt struggle so imagine a holiday would work ok too smile Beautiful part of the world I cant wait to return xx

thehumanjam Tue 28-Apr-15 17:21:59

We went to Garden Paradiso near Venice we had a car but it was easily doable without. Public transport was good plus there were places within walking distance. We caught the bus and boat to Venice.

csbartez Thu 30-Apr-15 20:42:58

AAhh Garden Paradiso was where my mate was based. There are lots in that area that I think all will suitable

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