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Disney place in france - can you stay in Paris or do you have to stay in some themed hotel and have Donald Duck shouting at you at breakfast time?

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CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 16:36:05

How far from Paris is it?

Would it be a PITA to stay there and go each day?

Given that dh and I could prob bear 2 days max, would it just be easier to stay on site.

Is there a normal hotel on site or are they all themey?

buktus Tue 24-Oct-06 16:41:36

it is quite a way from central paris there are lots of hotels near by that provide the shuttle to the park, that are not themed, but personally i like the hotel being close so we can have a two minute walk as they are sooo tired - and the kids do love it when the characters wander around the hotel, if you get the disney brochure it will show some pics of the nearby hotels

SoupDragon Tue 24-Oct-06 16:43:27

You have to stay in some themed hotel and have Donald Duck shouting at you at breakfast time. Not because it's a necessity but because the thought of you doing it makes me giggle.

foxtrot Tue 24-Oct-06 16:47:31

We stayed in the disney Newport Bay and i wouldn't say it felt particularly themed, just decorated in nautical fashion. You don't have to have breakfast with donald duck, it's an optional extra. What i liked was that two characters would be in the hotel lobby each morning so the LOs could go up and get a closer look or have picture taken with them (mine were too scared) without the scrumming and queueing that goes on in the park itself. We liked the closeness too (about 10 minute walk to newport bay) so could pop back during day if necessary. Food is pretty uninspiring anywhere on site though. How old are your LOs?

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 16:49:06


thanks Soupy

The website is crap it doesn't tell me anything about the hotels

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 16:49:57

queueing and scrumming sounds bad

she is 4

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 16:50:16

Presumably I could take a picnic

foxtrot Tue 24-Oct-06 16:57:48

have a look here

and especially here forum full of useful advice by people who love the place

eemie Tue 24-Oct-06 16:59:34

We stayed at the Santa Fe, 5 mins' shuttle away. If you're only going for two days it's well worth it. You can get to the busy rides first thing before they get too crowded. My dd was thrilled out of her socks to see Minnie Mouse in the foyer. The whole experience is so insane, one night in a hotel can't make it that much worse for you but it'll be a big plus for the child(ren).

Then next time you can stay in Paris and just do one day at Disney (that's our plan)

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:04:47


that is worrying

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:05:55

(the forum that is)

Yes I am sure you are right about that eemie we will have to bite the bullet I guess.

buktus Tue 24-Oct-06 17:12:51

i would choose somewhere else if you know you arent going to like it

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:15:23

Well I guess i don't know I have never been anywhere like it before!

Do they do special things for the kids?

foxtrot Tue 24-Oct-06 17:16:44

I'm a complete saddo! i confess i spent hours reading the forum before we went, but it does give some really useful info about how things work, so you can beat the crowds a little bit. Stay on site to minimise the pain of the trip - you will be queuing, you really don't want to be waiting for buses and trains at the end of a long day. I'd definately recommend the direct eurostar if you're going from the southeast too.

housemum Tue 24-Oct-06 17:23:14

If you want to look for cheap or non-disney hotels, the place to search for is Marne-la-Vallee rather than Paris. have links to hotels, and they are rated by visitors. We are going to stay at the Holiday Inn - not the cheapest, but about the price of the cheap Disney hotels and with an indoor pool. They do good rooms with the kids' bunk bed screened behind a curtain.

Blu Tue 24-Oct-06 17:25:07

CD - it isn't compulsory to go to Disneyland, you know!

I'm not going, ooooooh, no!

nailpolish Tue 24-Oct-06 17:28:21

im never ever going to disneyland

paris or florida

never ever!

i think you are a brave woman CD

soapbox Tue 24-Oct-06 17:29:53

CD - don't half do it is my advice. If you can afford it stay in the Disneyland Hotel - it is by far the nicest and being right in the park a refuge when you can take no more of flipping Mickey and his friends - or more likely the rather bargy, anti-queuing continentals!

We stayed a bit longer and took the RER into Paris for a couple of days which was utterly lovely!

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:31:06

Well I always said that and so did dh but of course now she is of the age I just know how much she would adore it and can I deprive her of that just because I would rather have my teeth removed than go myself?

I am not looking for cheap btw!

Maybe we could compromise, do a night in Paris and a night in hell

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:32:34

ok good thanks so Disneyland hotel is right in the park that is useful info.

What do you do in the evenings though?

Do they have babysitting?

Is the food unbearable?

soapbox Tue 24-Oct-06 17:35:50

Food in park is awful! In the Disneyland hotel it is okayish.

We've never used babysitting, children are all up half the night - just take them everywhere with you seems to be the approach!

There is a rainforest cafe and other okayish restautants in the village area. Nothing to shout home about though.

We used to do the bottle of wine in the room after ours were asleep! Saddos that we are

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:36:52

Late to bed sounds good. Will probably be knackered anyway (or at least in shock )

Blu Tue 24-Oct-06 17:42:27

You're a soft touch, CD!

I would at least wait until DS has heard about it and is pestering unbearably to go, so that I could use it as a bribe of some kind.

Actually, I will send DP with him. I'm not going!

LOL at 'do they have babysitting?'! Where would you go??

CountessDracula Tue 24-Oct-06 17:45:08

Oh god I don't know

Maybe I should let my parents take her

Good idea re waiting for her to pester about it maybe I will do that

foxtrot Tue 24-Oct-06 17:53:52

good advice about waiting for the pesterering to start - i had to educate mine in the joys of disney before we went in case they didn't 'get it'. DS1 (4 at the time) confidently announced that the characaters were just people dressedup, but he enjoyed it anyway.

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